Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Good Wednesday Morning to all. The temperature is already 74 this morning and it looks to be a beautiful day.

Katelyn drew this yesterday:

Shawn Spencer and the Guster from "Psych"

Mrs. S began babysitting on Monday as I went into the office for the day. She called last evening and almost doesn't have a voice . . . she sounds terrible. My boys must have really did her in on her "first" day. (just kidding - they were good)

The boys are all home and a bit wired for the morning. I will definitely find something for each of them to do to work off some of that extra energy. Two of my boys are grounded due to lying . . . One of them for a week and one for two weeks (incessant lying). Eventually, maybe they will get the message that lying is NOT to be tolerated.

We did have a pretty good day yesterday . . . other than the lying. We had chores to do in the a.m., lunch and then a time of rest. Dinner was roasted chicken - yummy, mixed veges and mashed potatoes.  After dinner we went outside to fish - Randy and I - Kamie went out too and loved watching the bobbers float and then dive under.  Soon Ryan joined us and then Cody. Everyone had a great time reeling in the Bass, Bluegill and Sun fish. We fished for a good long time and then Randy headed in to give the boys their bath. I remained outside for a while longer and Katelyn came down to the lake to sit and chat with me. Mia came too. The sun was quickly going down so we headed inside and then watched three of our favs on the DVR - NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles and I watched the Good Wife alone.

I am not certain what today is going to hold other than a nail appointment for me at 1:00 p.m.

How about you? What are you doing today?

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