Friday, May 14, 2010


This has been a busy week and I am certainly glad it is coming to an end! Whew!

Yesterday was Cameron's birthday . . . we celebrated EJ and Cameron's birthdays last night. EJ turned 6 last week and Cameron's was yesterday so we celebrated double last night.

My day was a bit of a struggle . . . probably due to this child:

I had all of the gifts either wrapped or in one of those really cool reusable gift bags . . . these had Buzz Lightyear on them. The boys had received gifts in them from Melissa and her family, so I decided a re-use was in order . . . because they were really cool, reusable AND just the right size! Anyway . . . Katelyn helped me to get the gifts all packaged and their big gift wrapped and placed on the counter in the library . . . up and away. Well, while I was tending to laundry and baking the cake, Cody decided to help himself to EJ's gifts. He pushed my new file box into the library, stood on it, retrieve the big gift bag and proceeded to help himself. He actually took the smaller boxes out of the bag which were Playmobil and tore open the boxes and began playing with the new birthday loot.

I finished with the laundry and the cake and went into the family room to look through my magazine when low and behold it registered with me that there had been a violation of EJ's Birthday Bag. Needless to say, I was NOT in a happy place at that moment! The name . . . CODY ALEXANDER  (insert child's full name here) came out of my mouth in a split second . . . to which the child pictured above came to me with a quirky smile on his face. He was immediately let in on my irritation  unhappiness and told to gather up all of the toys that he had ripped off found so exciting and bring them to me. He complied and before too long I was taping boxes together, sorting through little pieces of knights, swords, etc. and putting them in their designated little boxes. Once the boxes were taped together  back in the Buzz Lightyear Bag, Little Man was made to sit on the couch while I read a magazine and when the boys arrived home from school, Cody had to tell EJ what he had done. Of course, I thought EJ would scream and yell at the top of his lungs be very upset, but Nope that didn't happen . . . he said, "I don't care, that is alright!" Wow . . . couldn't believe that one!

The boys were excited to receive their gifts . . . here are some photos of their special day:

Cameron and his birthday bag from Grams and Gramps - (I have one of EJ too, but haven't found it for some reason)

Cameron reading the card while Cody looks on
Grandma is helping on the hard words


John Deere T Shirt - love them!

gotta have those Star Wars Legos

EJ has his playmobile

Knights are cool - uh EJ one of the shields are upside down!

Cody is watching as EJ and Cameron rip into their big presents

Those boxes are almost as big as the boys are

assembly time - Ryan, Cody and Cameron

well, there is sister!

Grandma is getting in on the helping

Mia is laying back on Katelyn to have her belly rubbed

BEWARE: the assembly zone

pieces everywhere

the cake - they wanted Ben 10 - gray nasty slick goes well with aliens - Right?

Make a Wish Guys and BLOW!

Happy Birthday Cameron and EJ!


Marva said...

Happy Birthday EJ and Cameron!

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday boys! Looks like it was loud at your house :} All those pieces remind me of Barbie accessories!

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