Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids . . . they have awards and report cards on Friday.

Am I excited? Hmmm I guess I could have been if it weren't for the fact the boys are not making it easy to be excited. This evening, while I was busy, my two middle boys decided to show their little brother how to play catch in our piano room with rolls of toilet paper. (We had received our shipment and one of the boys was supposed to be taking the toilet paper upstairs to our Master bathroom closet and the other was supposed to be putting away toys. Our youngest had been hanging out in the kitchen and from what I can tell . . . decided to see what his brothers were up to.)  Apparently, the toilet paper package got opened by one of the boys and then the fun began . . . they weren't being overly loud, but I thought I had better go check to see what they were up to. I walked into the foyer and found out very quickly what they were up to. I walked in to see an entire large package of  Charmin BIG Rolls all over my piano room. Now, throwing toilet paper rolls isn't a huge thing in itself . . . however, add to that these facts:
  • we don't play "catch" in the house - I know I sound like a broken record
  • we don't play "catch" in the house with toilet paper - I have told them NO catch in the house, but never actually specified No catch in the house with TOILET PAPER
  • toilet paper is expensive
  • the toilet paper was suppose to be put away - part of normal chores
  • they were in the piano room where they were not supposed to be playing - absolutely a No No
  • one of the toilet paper rolls was thrown and hit my Scentsy candle warmer - thankfully it didn't break and no one was cut
  • the candle warmer was discombobulated
  • the wax in the discombobulated candle warmer ended up all over my beautiful walls, floor and piano
  • one roll of toilet paper now has a lovely Scentsy scent and the softness of the candle wax soaked in
  • the blame game began and each of the three youngest blamed it on the others
  • Katelyn and Randy tried to help me clean it up - we worked on it for several hours
  • Wax is very hard to get off of plastered walls
  • Tried a blow dryer - didn't work
  • Tried using an iron and paper towels - worked pretty well
  • I burned my wrist on the iron - Murphy's Law in action
  • that area of the wall will require a bit of Kilz and fresh paint
  • we paid to have the room repainted last year
All of the above did not make for a relaxing evening. There was no story read to them . . . and we are into a really good book about Tom Swift. They lost their privileges for the evening AND they will help to pay for the damage . . . we will need to go and purchase a can of Kilz and possibly paint. When I told them they were going to help to pay for the costs of the repairs there were tears.

Hopefully and Prayerfully, this will be a lesson learned and they will remember Why we don't play catch in the house AND why we should obey Mommy and Daddy.

All in all, today's events remind me to pray, pray, pray for my children. Sometimes being a kid is hard . . . BUT . . . sometimes being a parent is harder.


Anonymous said...

Oh, NO, Julie!! So sorry!! That is awful you had such a mess! May God bless this lesson to their hearts!! Hugs xx

Jenny said...

Oh goodness, I hope the rest of your week is relaxing.

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