Saturday, May 15, 2010


Bloggers beware . . . some foreign person . . . writing in their foreign language posted a comment on this blog that mentioned SEX. Of course, I deleted it and am quite pleased with comment moderation. Why people think they must invade people that was is insane to me! One of the many reasons I also have a private blog. To the person who decided to leave a disgusting comment . . . SHAME ON YOU! May God touch your heart and soul!

That being said, the weather folks missed the forecast again . . . we were to have days full of sun . . . HA! Rain, Rain Rain again!

The cottonwood trees are blowing their seeds - those white cotton puff things that are flying through Central Illinois are driving my eyes crazy. Red, itchy allergy eyes and a headache . . . thank you very much!

Wow, three paragraphs each ending with an exclamation point! oOOps - now four.

This coming week is our last of the school year . . . school is in session for only the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday . . . no school on Thursday and only on Friday morning until 10:00 a.m. Not looking forward to all of the boys being home as they have been arguing a lot and it is driving me crazy. Why can't they simply get along? We are definitely going to address all of that arguing . . . once I come up with a new idea! Any ideas?


Mimi said...

I had to stop accepting comments on Puppy Love Central because I have been getting a steady stream of sexual content comments everyday- on a puppy blog. So sad! Allergies have hit me hard, too. Have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, that's awful about the comments! I don't make my blog viewable on search engines so thankfully haven't had unwanted comments - hopefully that will continue, please God! Sorry about your allergies... thankfully the rain here washes away much of the pollen, etc. so that sort of thing is not so much a problem.

Hm... the arguing... really speak to their heart, how God does not like anger and we should put others first, and discipline consistently - if they are disciplined EVERY TIME time they say something rude or unkind, then it may make them think twice before arguing again!! LOVE YOU!!

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