Thursday, May 27, 2010

a Scenic drive . . .

This afternoon we loaded up in the SUV all ready for Katelyn to get more driving time out of the way . . . she is now officially down to 13 hours and 20 minutes remaining. I decided since we were going out that I would take along the camera . . . you just never know what we will come upon. That being said, I did miss a few "opportunities" for pictures like:

The two bikini bodies laying atop of their porch roof . . .  sun tanning (that fell under "weird!")

The motorcycle guy with his dog in a side-car.

A rain made "pond" in a cornfield.

I totally apologize for missing those photo opportunities .  .  . However, I did get some photos to share:

Great photo of an old produce storage barn.

"George" the horse.

George's Friend

something you don't see everyday - a boot on a fence post

along our drive

yep . . . it is a totem pole . . . only in Illinois!

beautiful country side

I see corn in them thair fields

going up . . .

a farm is using wind energy

yellow field flowers

gotta love the "drive in"

flowers in my yard

several varieties

I hope you enjoyed your little "scenic drive" with me!

1 comment:

Jeanette said...

You let Kate drive thru your yard just to get pictures! Seesh, I should have sent Abby over :}

You went to Cranwells didn't you?!

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