Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Evening in Pictures

We have a nest of baby bunnies hiding in our bushes around our pool. From what we can tell, we have six baby bunnies hiding there. They were watching the kids swim tonight from their little hiding places under the bushes. Isn't he/she cute?

This bunny is a sibling to the first picture . . . he/she was hiding under the next bush.

This little bunny - a sibling to the other two decided to come out for a hop around while we were watching him/her. So tiny!

This is Ryan swimming.

Cousin Jenna and Ryan

Ryan is trying to pull Alyson into the pool. Jenna is in the pool.

That was our evening folks . . . Cody was fishing with Daddy and the other two boys are grounded from swimming, fishing and jet skiing this week. Hopefully, they will be able to return to the fun next week . . . it is all up to them.

Hope you all had a great evening.

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