Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not Much on a Thursday

Our morning began with a great big KABOOM . . . and the weather radio sounding that we had a severe thunderstorm watch and then again for the warning. I am thankful for our helpful gadgets that help to keep my little family safe . . . regardless of how annoying they are when they wake you out of a lovely sleep.

Laundry is humming along this morning and I took a chance and draped jeans over our deck railing to dry . . . this speeds up my laundry drying time immensely. Hopefully it won't rain on them in the process!

Today is Cameron's birthday . . . he is now seven. We are celebrating both Cameron and EJ's Birthday together today - EJ's was last week. They are both excited . . . hopefully their excitement won't get them into trouble at school today!

I have a few MUST Doos today . . . bake cake/cup cakes for the boys, laundry laundry laundry and a basic tidy. I would also love to get a bit of time to read today as I have several books that I want to read.

Have a great day!

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