Friday, May 7, 2010

My Gorgeous Girl

Tonight was our school's version of Prom . . . the Jr. Sr. Banquet. Katelyn has been talking about it for months and it was fabulous. As I write, the kids are downstairs with two of their school teachers (chaparones) and from the sounds of things . . . they are having a great time! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. C!

Well . . . now for a few pictures:

I have to say, My Girl takes my breath away!


Jeanette said...

I didn't realize until I saw these pictures just how much she looks like you! She looks GORGEOUS and I LOVE HER HAIR!!!!

So glad she had a great time :} Gabby and Edris' turn tomorrow!!

I think some of the kids from FBCS where are Coldstone today....

Patrice said...

She is beautiful!!! I LOVE her hair!!!!

Jenny said...

She looks beautiful, glad they had a good time.

Marva said...

Very pretty! Love the dress and her hair too!

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