Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Day In Pictures

The temperatures climbed to the 90's today in my little area of the world. We stayed plenty busy and accomplished much!

I had piles of laundry to capacity plus today. I had been working on it throughout the week, but you know how it is when you change the sheets and decide it is time to wash the blankets and the quilts too. Not to mention the kids' backpacks and lunch boxes needed washed as they look really good and can be used again next year, so I threw them in for a wash. I didn't get Ryan's washed though he has not cleaned his out yet.

As of this minute I am bleach cleaning my washers on the super hot clean setting and I have one load of clothes in one dryer. I was feeling pretty accomplished that I could post the empty laundry cart picture . . .

My Mom will have a HUGE smile on her face because this my friends is on the verge of a Christmas Miracle! lol My washers and dryers (two of each) have been working their little "gears" off . . . all day. I did utilize the heat outside during the day to dry the very large blankets, quilts and sleeping bags - or I would be way, way behind in drying loads . . . you know how that goes!

Anyway . . . I was all ready to do a Happy Dance because ALL . . . EVERY STITCH OF LAUNDRY in our house was WASHED and the FINAL load was in the dryer . . . BUT . . . then it happened . . . My Husband sent his clothes to the laundry room where I was just shutting off the light. So, now I have one pair of shorts, one towel, one pair of undies, one washcloth and one shirt in my laundry room. Can anyone feel my tension? Oh Yeah, I've got it.

Moving on . . . I was able to complete a small project today too . . . Take a look:

Take a look at the doors of my washers . . .

What do you think?

I am certain you are wondering "What in the World?" Well, I saw this really cute idea in the Uppercase Living catalog and KNEW the idea was meant just for me!

With One Husband and FOUR Boys, I am ALWAYS washing something besides clothes . . .

actual dollars
Nintendo game cards

I guess if you can name it, I have probably ran it through the washer!

So, this morning as my washers and dryers were hummning along, I applied

"Check Your Pockets"

and ALL of the boys have checked it out! Cody asked me what it said and when I told him, he summoned his brothers to "check THIS out!"

It will be wonderful if they actually take heed . . . otherwise, I will have to replace my little "found it" dish with a larger model!

I cleaned out my "found it" dish last month.

Now off to relax a few minutes before bedtime . . . have a great night.

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