Sunday, May 9, 2010


Mother's Day 2010 is beginning to wind down. It has been a lovely day . . . My hubs made sure to that!

This morning, Randy took the boys outside early to keep the house quiet so I could sleep in. It was amazing! I lay in bed soaking up the quietness and then decided to watch two recorded programs on the dvr. It wasn't long after that Randy came up the stairs with breakfast and coffee! Wow, what a great start to the day.

I had just finished up breakfast when Ryan came upstairs and got into bed with me. He gave me a kiss and said, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy, this is for you!" He handed me a beautiful package and card - the card was in a heart shape with a bow, heart and rose on the front tied with a pink ribbon. Inside the card read, "To Mom, love Ryan" and there was a poem on the back . . . Roses are red, Violets are blue, Did you know that Jesus loves you?" Inside the wrap was an item wrapped in tissue paper . . . it is a beautiful mug with interchangeable drawings to display between the inner and outer layers of the mug. The Mug Reads "For Mom" with hearts and pictures colored by Ryan. The second pictures are butterflies and a rainbow . . . I can't wait to wash the mug and enjoy my yummy drink inside.

As I was hugging Ryan . . . EJ came in next. He had a picture and recipe book for me all wrapped up. Each of my kids that have been in kindergarten have made me these and I have treasured each one. EJ's gift will be kept as well and I smiled a I looked through each page that he either applied stickers, pictures or colored. He too was very excited and gave me a kiss and told me Happy Mother's Day.

EJ had a little tag along with him . . . Cody and he got up in the bed too - three little monkeys and me! Cody told me "Happy Valentines Day!" I smiled and told him it was Mother's Day and he said, "Oh  . . . Yeah!" He snuggled with me and told me there was a surprise for me down in the garage!

Last but certainly not least, Cameron joined our little party. Cameron had drawn me a picture, wrote me a little letter and gave me his candle that he made on his field trip the other day. The letter read, "Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have a good Mother's day. I love you a lot I'll try to by good today." That is exactly as he wrote it . . . spelling included. He too gave me a lovely gentle kiss and was so excited that he almost couldn't contain himself.

I told the boys that I wanted to take a bath . . . alone . . .  and they went downstairs to wait for me. I took a nice bubble bath, got dressed and headed to the main floor. My boys were waiting for me to see my surprise in the garage. Randy bought me two baskets of Gerbera Daisies and another with pansies from all of them. I also received a beautiful card and kiss from Katelyn.

The remainder of my day went by so quickly . . .
  • a fire in the fire pit by the lake
  • sitting outside in the nice sunshine
  • lunch on the deck - hot dogs and chips - s'mores for dessert
  • relaxing and taking pictures
  • watching a nice movie with Katelyn
  • chicken portabella for dinner
  • time to facebook
  • getting to see fish that the boys caught today
Really, it was the most lovely and memorable Mother's Day!

Here are some pictures of my day:

Batman and Spiderman joined me for lunch!

Cameron - if he loses any more teeth, he won't be able to eat!
Ryan - blurred for some reason
Katelyn, all recuperated from her weekend.
Randy . . . my sweetie
One of the masked "men" without his mask - EJ

look at the baby geese!
Spiderman unmasked . . . Cody - all dirty from playing
Ryan on the swing! It amazes me how high he can go
the first FISH of the season!
Cody was excited about catching the fish, but thought it was stinky!
EJ was happy with his fish!
My little Mia




Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a lovely day... cute pictures... what sweeties you have!! :) We have Mother's Day in March here, but I had a lovely Lord's Day here with my precious familly. Our church's sermon was broadcasted on BBC Radio today! (A dfferent church is broadcasted each Lord's Day.)

Mimi said...

Your boys gifts just made me smile. How sweet and innocent they are.
I had a wonderful day, too.
Mothers are the luckiest people on earth!

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