Monday, May 3, 2010


The definition of Monday should read  . . . whatever can possibly drive you crazy will do so today. I was extremely busy . . .

My day began as ME refereeing my naughty arguing boys. Yes, I had to be the "mean mom" and ground two of them because they wouldn't stop arguing. 
PTL the other two put a zipper on it.

Cody and I took down our old worn out flag and put up a new one
 . . . Cody was excited to lower and raise the flag. I instructed him to make sure the 
flag did not touch the ground as it was disrespectful. He was very careful.

We came inside and I needed to put an order in for Katelyn a purse
 for the JR. SR. Banquet that is coming up - she needed something "special"
to go with her dress.

Katelyn requested some new hose . . . so I put in an order for hosiery - she likes the ones
from Catherines . . . I really wish she would have told me sooner as this is cutting it kind of close.

The Spring Program is coming up and the boys needed new pants and polo shirts for that, so
I shopped online and found some cute clothing for the boys . . . they are going to look sharp!

Then I printed out a calendar for May, June, July and August
 for our three day a week sitter so we can synchronize our schedules.

Of course, there is the never ending laundry pile . . . I am telling you, I think the dogs have been
letting the neighbors in with their dirty laundry! 

Tidied the kitchen

My kitchen breakfast bar counter was filled with junk stuff again. I try to be insistent the counters 
remain cleared as I really dislike them piled up whatever is dumped on them. So, I tackled
the countertops once again . . . another never ending job. Do you have an area that seems
to "catch" everything?

Finally I was able to wipe down countertops and they looked fabulous - for about an hour until everyone came in the door from school and work . . . Yep, you guess it!

Onto applying another coat of finish to the "Paris" plates for the banquet - 
there are four - they turned out wonderful too! Katelyn took pictures, but I don't want 
to unveil them and ruin the surprise for the Senior class.

Next on the list was to set up Randy's new computer - yes, his came in but mine did not
 . . . yes, I am stressed and bummed. He had many things he wanted on his computer, so the set 
up took time . . . a lot of it. I was busy with it until after the kids were home from school. Finally I 
handed it over to him and called it quits . . . thankfully, it was done.

Went through today's mail . . . oh yippee . . . property taxes! I was a bit nervous about opening the envelope - remember that year and a half addition and renovation project? Well, our taxes didn't go up . . . maybe a teensy amount, but nothing like I expected. 

Thank heavens my hubs decided to pick up dinner . . . spaghetti really hit the spot as I had only
eaten a sandwich and had a banana for the day. I was famished by dinner time.

 The weather guys were wrong once again . . . they predicted storms for us this afternoon. I called their
bluff and put jeans over the deck railing to dry. Praise God, the rain passed us by!

Of course my day would not have been complete without being allowed to referee again. I was
in the laundry room folding clothes when I heard a scream. Of course you know the ones that make your heart stop and your blood go cold! I dropped what I was doing and ran calling out to ask what
had happened. My oldest son was in his bedroom - he was supposed to be putting away his laundry . . .
My second son was also upstairs and he too was supposed to be putting away his laundry . . . 
For one reason or another - (with boys there is never a reason but always another) My oldest was
standing on his bed and My second son pushed him off causing him to land on his wrist. We have hardwood floors in all of the upstairs bedrooms, so I am quite certain My oldest was hurting.
Praise God it was only twisted/sprain and nothing was broken. While my oldest was crying and trying to tell me what happened . . . son number two was denying everything. Needless to say, we never got a straight answer out of son number two as to why he was even in his brother's room . . . his room is on the other side of the house. I told them, Mom may not be able to get a straight answer, but God knows exactly what happened . . . He sees everyone and everything.

Soon, it was bath time for the boys . . . Hallelujah!

Katelyn and I sat down in the family room and chilled for a little bit. Before I knew it, she was off to shower and go to bed . . . the day seemed so long, but the evening went zipping by.

Tomorrow should be a much calmer day.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, Julie, sorry about the disappointments but I still enjoyed reading about your day! Love you lots! :)

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