Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yesterday was a VERY long but fruitful day. We have FINALLY accomplished getting all three boys' rooms organized and purged. I am so amazed at how discombobulated the boys get their rooms. In order to combat the discombobulations - is that a word? - we are instituting a schedule for each evening . . .

Dinner, room check, baths and bed - the room must be in tip top shape OR they will lose a privilege for the next day. Why so harsh? I just knew you would ask me that and I am glad you did. Well, we have been battling the boys - all of them - for quite a while.

In our organizing and purging endeavors we have found the following:
  1. freshly washed clothing that has been folded thrown into the closet and left on the floor - the boys then walk all over them (walk in closet for two of the boys).
  2. freshly washed and folded clothing stuffed into toy bins
  3. dirty clothing hidden behind the bed
  4. toys pushed under the dresser - hidden from view, but clean up in "their" opinion
  5. freshly washed and hung shirts thrown on the floor of the closet
  6. brand new birthday gifts that came as sets thrown all over througout the room
  7. miscellaneous items hidden here and there, but definitely not where they are supposed to be
I am amazed at the lengths my boys will put themselves through to think of placed to put clean clothing instead of simply hanging it on the closet rod or putting the folded clothing in the dresser drawers. The toys - well we all know it is much easier to stuff them under the dresser instead of putting them in a bin or on a shelf. What was I thinking?

Today, the boys and all of their "free" time belong to me. I figure that since I took my time to put away their toys and clothing, they will "sacrifice" their free time to me. I have PLENTY to keep them busy!

How do you "teach" your children to be responsible with their rooms, clothing and toys?

Well, I have had coffee, a bowl of my favorite cereal and made a blog post . . . I must get my shower and get busy around the house.

Today, we will:
  • finish the laundry
  • wash all of the floors on the main floor
  • scrub the main floor deck
  • clean the bathrooms
Hopefully, this evening we will have  bit of time to take a nice slow boat ride to wind down our day.

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