Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Softball Game of the Season . . . Beware - photos

This afternoon was a hot one here in Central, Illinois . . . The temperature read 93 degrees when we headed out of the house this afternoon. Today was the Preseason Tournament for Ryan's softball team . . . we were pretty certain that since there had only been ONE practice, that there would only be one game for us.

Well . . . I gotta tell you those kids WON ALL THREE OF THEIR GAMES and took FIRST PLACE!

We arrived at the Ball Park right on time . . . yes, all seven of us. Ryan received his baseball shirt and I told him to change his shirt. He looked at me with a HUGE question on his face and he asked, "Where?" I asked Where What? and then he asked "Where do I change?" . . . . Oh Dear, the modesty of this boy. I said, right here. I gotta tell you the look on his face was priceless! Anyway, we got his shirt changed and he was off to go and be with "the team" of boys and coaches . . . he and his Cub hat.

These pictures tell a story . . . a story of the first game of a boy name Ryan. My kiddo . . .

Ryan started out in this spot . . . between first and second base . . . in the outfield.
Looking good so far!

He got to bat and received pointers from his coaches.

He gave the bat a good try - he hit the ball several times while at bat and even got onto first base with one of the hits. Another boy hit and he moved on to second and third and then another boy hit and he was able to run home to score!

My youngest was "testing" the waters with Grandpa. Being the THIRTEENTH grandchild to Grandpa has its advantages and disadvantages. One disadvantage - this isn't Grandpa's first rodeo and he isn't easily persuaded by a cute smile.

Ryan is in the outfield - you see him . . . the one CHEWING on his glove

batter up

EJ is totally enjoying himself - slushies, pretzels, crackers . . .

Time for a little reading . . . yep, we are still playing the game, but Ryan is reading the signage

This boy, my Cameron) is all about the score . . . and clapping for the OTHER team.

Gabby and Abby would be so proud - this boy got a sliding injury. O.k. fine . . . I need to tell the WHOLE truth . . . Remember this boy is playing the outfield, right? Well, he was running from the dugout to the outfield . . . do you see this dirt area where you are supposed to run when you hit the ball and run the bases?

Well, Ryan was running to the outfield and completely wiped out  . . . right in the dirt - in a slide.

Of course, being the totally observant Mom that I am, I yelled, "SAFE!"

The team took a time out for a second as one of their newest team members was injured in the "line of duty" and he hobbled off the field where Uncle Sam was ready and waiting to take care of him with a band aid! Ryan hobbled over to "his cheering section" and thought he was going to have a seat, until we all told encouraged him to get back to the dug out and be with his team.

There he is back out on the field!

The team has had ONE practice . . . the second practice was rained out . . . and then today was the PRE-SEASON TOURNAMENT . . .

We seriously didn't think the team had a chance to win today . . .

Well, we were WRONG ~~~

Ryan's team played against two of the other teams in their league today . . .

Ryan's Team Won their First Game 18 - 1

Ryan's Team Won their Second Game 16 - 8

Ryan's Team Won their Third Game 4 - 2

Ryan's Team each received a BLUE RIBBON for FIRST PLACE in the PRE-TOURNAMENT!

Way to go Guys!!!

I have to add a little note here . . . Ryan's Coaches are WONDERFUL!

Thanks Coaches for your patience!

Tomorrow . . . we REST!


Jeanette said...

The girls are impressed with the wins AND the "sliders knee"! You should see the girls' knees! They both got torn up today sliding on what they felt was concrete with dirt thrown over it. Abby looks like she took a cleat to her knee. It is a pretty deep cut for a slide.

They lost their 1st game and run ruled the other 2 games with a total score of 22-0. I think they took 2nd place but haven't heard for sure.

Long day in the sun but I have a HUGE jump on my farmers tan!

Mimi said...

Julie, the pictures are so colorful and clear that I feel like I was actuallly there!
Way to go, boys!

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