Monday, May 17, 2010


So, have you received your telephone call from the US Census Bureau yet?

First, I filled out the Census Bureau form and sent it in . . . NOW, Part 2 . . . The Telephone call and verification.

Tonight at roughly 9:00 p.m. our telephone rang and the caller ID read US Census Bureau with the 888 number attached. You thought that you were finished with the Census when you filled out your little paper and returned it . . . right? Well . . . NO, you are not. I asked for the callers name and identifying number with the Census Bureau - to which Misty politely answered. I asked if I was chosen randomly and she answered "No, every household will get a phone call." There were a few questions that were not on the Census form . . . like:
  • was there anyone that you did not list on the census form?
  • was there anyone on the census form that was listed twice?
  • was there anyone on the census form that was not living at your address during March and April?
  • was there anyone that temporarily stayed with you during March and April that may have been missed in the census?
  • was anyone on your form away at college, in a mental institution, nursing home, prison, out of state or living in a vacation home?
  • what is the race of . . .  please answer: Caucasian, Asian, African American . . . . etc.
  • were there any newborns added to your home in March or April?
All in all, the conversation lasted between six to eight minutes or so. They didn't ask for social security numbers, bank accounts or the like . . . I am always a bit cautious when someone calls and asks any type of information . . . you just never know who is trying to pull a scam.


Marva said...

We never received a form. A worker came with our form just last week and did ours.It's funny, living in a small rural town, he is our neighbor, the worker that came! LOL Anyhow, haven't received the call yet.....should be interesting though!
Have a blessed week!

Jeanette said...

Seems like they don't trust us to fill out the form both ways! We don't trust them either!!!!

Mimi said...

I really dislike the census!
Let's see..they-the govmnt- have our tax returns, our ss#'s, our birth, death, marriage records, driver's license, passports........ LOL!!!

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