Thursday, May 27, 2010

Calm Morning!

So far, today has been calm . . . singing the praises on that one! The kids are all under control for the moment.

I have cup of coffee number 2 in front of me . . .

I love my coffee mugs . . . Photos of my kiddos on each one . . . made at Shutterfly with my photos.
So easy and a great result!

This morning Katelyn and I hung this little beauty:

Yes, it is a chalkboard that is framed in a black frame. I ordered it last week . . . it came today. I had this big empty area on this wall between the pantry and the mudd room in the kitchen. We always have little notes laying around and I thought - hey, a chalkboard would fit wonderfully right there. So, I measured my area and chose a size that would fit right in and not overwhelm. I think this size is absolutely perfect! As you can see, Katelyn has already been busy with the chalk.

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