Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This post begins yesterday . . .

I am getting ready to head for bed .  .  . it is raining here once again and the temps have dropped. It needs to warm back up as I really enjoy the windows being open in the house. The thunder is rumbling and it should be a great night sleep!

This morning I woke feeling a bit not like myself and as the day wore on I found out why . . . I began feeling those little signs of a Urinary Tract Infection setting in. By this afternoon, I was miserable but knew all too well how to get this thing under control . . . I just couldn't drink anymore to flush out my system. So, I went online to see if there was anything new out there to provid relief. I found "Cystex" a Urinary Pain Relief tablet that has an Analgesic and Antibacterial. Praise the Lord! I am continuing with flushing my system with water and lots of it. I also found recommendations to mix 1/2 tsp baking soda with 8 ounces of water . . .

So, last night I did the baking soda and water thing and this morning I do feel much better. However that being said, I am not drinking coffee this morning and am continuing my regimine of water, Cystex and will have another baking soda and water cocktail - which does not taste good at all! I suppose it is a small thing compared to the discomfort of the UTI.

Today I have a hair appointment and tonight we take Ryan to see what team he will be on for baseball this year. He is excited and so am I.

The remainder of the week is busy again this week . . . Wednesday - the dogs have beauty and I have a nail appointment; Thursday is Cameron's Birthday - he will be seven; Friday evening is the Spring Concert. I suppose there are people that are much more busy than we are, but between work, the kids, the house AND the extras I feel that we are pretty busy.

I am still awaiting my new computer . . . we have been told it has been shipped . . . we shall see.

This afternoon I need to wrap birthday presents and Thursday I will bake a cake. We will be celebrating EJ and Cameron's together . . . EJ was six last week. No more "kid" birthday's in our immediate family until September now.

Well, this post has kind of run on and I am certain anyone that has made it to the end is ready for a nap! Have a great day.

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