Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Day

Happy Friday Morning to Everyone! I must say, I am happy to see the weekend FINALLY here . . . it was a long time coming.

Today and tomorrow will be busy, then relaxation on Sunday. Please say a little prayer for us today . . . tonight is the Jr/Sr Banquet of which Katelyn is a part of. The Theme of the Banquet is "Paris" and everything has been chosen to depict Paris. Yesterday after school, I joined the Jr. girls to help decorate . . . they were giggly and very chatty but things began to take shape. They are putting the finishing touches on everything today.

Tonight Mom and Dad are watching the three of our boys and one is going to stay with Aunt Ding Ding and Uncle Sam. Randy, Katelyn and I will be off to the Banquet . . . After the Banquet, the Jr./Sr kids will be off to a scavenger hunt and then on to our house for hanging out. The plan is to have both fire pits going out back . . . one for simply sitting around and the other for roasting marshmallows. They will also be enjoying plenty of snacks - chips and dip, tortillas and salsa and plenty to drink - soda, Gatorade and punch.

Katelyn has an appointment this afternoon for her hair - then at home I will apply her make up. She is going to be gorgeous! I am so excited for her . . . I can't wait to get pictures of her!

My day will be busy, but nothing I can't handle.

I need to get things finished up and then paint my toes . . . gotta get to it!


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Patrice said...

Can't wait to see pictures!!! How exciting!

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