Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baseball, New Trends, When to Wash It

Today I officially became a baseball Mom. Yep I did! This evening I took Ryan to be chosen for his team . . . there were a ton of kids and parents/grandparents there. Apparently, this is a HUGE thing that we have been missing out on for the past three years. I have to tell you, I decided to wait outside for Ryan to get finished because going inside meant that I would be crammed into an area with the other parents . . . much like sardines in a can. We were there for 1 1/2 hours before Ryan came out. I asked him if he knew anyone on his team and he answered no. He did say that some kid was throwing little bits of paper or something at him. Hopefully, this kid is on a different team!!! We really don't need to start out with someone trying to Bully Ryan because this Momma won't stand for it. Prayers please.

I had a lovely day at the hair salon and Cody was an absolute angel while we were there. The other kids went in after school and now everyone has nice hair.

Each of my four that go to school had a nice day and no one got into trouble. Praise the Lord!

Today I receive the June issue of Real Simple . . . one of my favorite magazines. I have learned some fun facts that you may or may not know . . . Here goes:
  • OPI now has Shrek Color Nail Polish . . . Who The Shrek Are You?, Ogre-The-Top Blue, Fircely Fiona, Funky Dunky, Whats with the Cattitude?, Rumples Wiggin
  • Williams-Sonoma now carries a Mesh Griddle for roasting veges on the grill . . . the mesh keeps them from falling through the grate of the grill
  • June is the best time to buy dishware . . . shop sales for 25 to 50 % off
  • 43% of consumers who switched to generic packaged goods prefer them to the more expensive brands
  • cottage birdhouses are a new trend - add a little character to your yard for your little feathered friends
  • rolling "bar" carts - for entertaining inside or out - everything seems more special when wheeled out on a cart
  • removable tile decals - for those who want to add just a little pattern to their plain ceramic or plastic wall tiles
  • porcelain crates - for farmer's market finds
  • scented drawer liners

WHEN TO WASH IT: Summer Time
  • jeans - after 4 - 5 wears
  • dress pants - after 4-5 wears
  • jackets and blazers - after 5-6 wears
  • Khaki shorts and pants - after 2-3 wears
  • pajamas - after 3-4 wears
  • skirts - after 4-5 wears
  • swimsuits - after every wear
  • tops and dresses - after 1-3 wears
  • t-shirts, tanks, and cami - after every wear
There you have it . . . FYI . . . I don't necessarily agree with the Trends or When to Wash It . . . but it was fun to read through and then share them.

What do you think?

1 comment:

M said...

I love Real Simple and subscribe to it.
As for Shrek polish-No!!!!
Shrek color is my least favorite color.
I once read thet men see athat color as poison and that women should avoid it. But a man probably wrote that,lol...
Enjoy the kiddos softball. My son always had a good time playing and made some great friends.
Good times!

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