Thursday, April 29, 2010


Where do I begin this morning?

This morning started out as a challenge. For some reason unbeknown to me, my two older boys have decided they can wear their younger brother's pants. My seven year old wears size 7, my six year old wears size 6 and my five year old wears size 5. I simply do not understand "HOW" or "Why" my boys can't figure out they are not wearing their own pants.

Let me take this a step further . . .

My oldest son Ryan is tall and slender . . . in the waist the pants were snug, but not incredibly tight . . . however, the length . . . well lets just give you a picture to compare to:

Minus the suspenders, jacket and cuffed pants . . . Ryan looked like this. Remember Steve Urkel?

No kidding!

Then there is my six year old, Cameron. I cannot fathom how this child got his younger brother's pants on, let alone breathe!  I told him to take them off and get his own pants on . . . it was amazing to see him peel the too small pants off of his body. I wonder . . . how in the world did he get those on?
Sorry . . . no visual on that one!

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