Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Can you tell me where the day went? Oh My Goodness . . . it seems like we just started our day, only to look at the clock and find that the day is almost over!

Today pretty much started like any other everyone getting ready for their day. Randy went outside to get into his SUV and saw glass on the ground. Apparently someone thought it would be funny to break the left rear window of Randy's SUV. I know you think I am kidding, but I am not. So, I told him to leave his vehicle and take Katelyn's so that I could call the police. As soon as Randy and Katelyn left I dialed 911 and a sweet operator answered the call, took my address and name asked the situation and said she would send an officer out.

The boys were all excited that a police car would be coming to our house. They couldn't wait! I told them they would have to stay home until after the police came and we cleaned up the glass before I could take them to school. To say they didn't mind that is an understatement. I decided to get my cup of coffee, call the school to let them know the boys would be late and sit on the porch to wait for . . . "the po po" as Katelyn calls them.

The boys went out with me and were full of chatter. We were all talking and laughing when our telephone rang . . . it was one of the school secretaries. Apparently, there was an offer from an ANGEL sent from God to come and pick up my boys and take them to school! Now, before you all think I would let my children go with someone I don't know . . . breathe easy . . . not only do we know our ANGEL, his wife is a teacher at the school and a local pastor. Bless his heart, he drove to our house and arrived with a smile on his face. He loaded the boys into his van, made sure they were buckled in and took them to school! Thank you so much Pastor Randy! (I went to school with Pastor Randy many moons ago)

A short time after the boys had gone to school a police car pulled up and an officer came into the drive to see for himself what had happened. There was a bit of evidence that pointed to someone hitting the window with something, trying to get it to break. Something must has scared them away before they could get the window totally out. The officer was very helpful and made a report of the situation. He informed me that if the window cost more than $300.00 this damage would be a felony crime.

After the policeman left, Cody helped me (and I say that loosely) clean up all of the glass. I am thankful that no one was hurt and that my family remained safe. It could have been so much worse.

I know many people don't lock their doors, leave their garage doors open at all hours and let their children play outside unattended. It is instances like this that make you aware that you never can tell what people will do. To take that a little further, if you have not read the book "Startling Beauty" by Heather Gemmen, I urge you to get ahold of a copy and read it. It is an amazing True Story of a woman that thought bad things would not happen to her and the story of how she overcame, with God's help.

Many of you may be wondering . . . Are you angry? Do you feel violated? Your vehicle was damaged while on your own drive . . . Don't you just want to scream?

Well, I suppose I could do any OR all of the above but what would that help? The Bible says,

“Vengeance is mine; I will repay,” says the Lord" (Romans 12:19, NKJV)

"God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you" (2 Thessalonians 1:6)

Am I wishing God's Vengeance on the person that damaged our vehicle? No . . . I just know that God will take care of the situation with this person. I also know that I am REALLY glad that I am NOT that person.

Tonight, I have a peace in my heart and am praying for the person who damaged our SUV. 


Marva said...

That's awful Julie! I'll be praying for them too and for ya'lls safety! Do you have any idea who might have done it? Would it be the same you had problems w/ before? hope today is better! Hugs and blessings!

Mimi said...

We've had our share of little incidents like that in our area, so quite a few people use these wireless security cameras. They are not expensive and are easy to install and you can watch them from your tv or computer.
I hope that you have seen the last of the trouble makers!

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