Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday is High Maintenance Day!

This morning as I write, I am watching a goose fly around and land on boat house covers. Apparently he is of the opinion that whatever he can park on is his.

Last night, we had a goose in the yard. Usually where one goose decides to be, others usually come too. We sent Cody down to run him off . . . they generally will run at the first sounds of dogs and/or kids. Well, not this one! Cody waved his arms up and down at him and his raised his head up and down at Cody . . . this went on for a minute or two until Cody became a little frustrated with the goose and stepped toward him again - by this time they were about five steps apart. I sent the older brothers and a dog down to help. The goose was not happy . . . he hissed and hissed and then as slow as he could he walked to the lake. He sat a few feet from shore honking to let us know that he was not happy. In goose language - it wasn't good.


I am just back from my hair appointment . . . boy do I have did I have a lot of hair! It is unbelievable how fast it grows! Anyway, I was very happy with the front, but the bag was really weighing down and was very hot. So now it is history! It was down just past my shoulders . . . now it isn't. About 5" of hair on the floor of the salon. So now my hair is bouncy, much more cool and sassy.

Now I must go get my makeup on - I have a nail appointment at 2:00 p.m. - Yep, It is high maintenance day.

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Jeanette said...

Need pics of the hair!!

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