Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today, Tomorrow, Our Trip and a Reveal

The day is finally coming to an end . . . seems like a VERY long one to me. The afternoon and evening went much better than my morning. I did get my chores done - in fact, everything that was on my list is done.

Tomorrow's list is much smaller - I need to clean our 1/2 bathrooms, do a bit of paperwork filing, do a few loads of laundry and pack for Katelyn and my trip on Friday and Saturday. Katelyn and I are very excited to get away . . . just the two of us. I am charging up my Mac . . . so I can take it with us and Maybe I can post a few pics while we are away.

In case you are wondering, my Mom will be watching Cody for the day on Friday and then Randy will take over once he arrives home with the other boys. Plans for them . . . Avantis for dinner and then a movie. Guess they will have a little staycation at home - just the guys. I am sure it will be weird without Mom and Katelyn home, but am very confident they will all do just fine.

Tonight, I found out by reading my niece's blog . . . I am going to be a Great Aunt once again! She shared her news in a very unique way. The crazy weird thing . . . I had a feeling, that she was expecting. Today is her birthday and she had posted a few days ago that she would reveal her Birthday Surprise. She tip toed around it possibly being a trip, a new car or a house . . . all of which she spoke about briefly in the post. After exhausting those possibilities she revealed her news and the blessed event should be in September. I have already wished her a Happy Birthday AND a Congratulations. Wonder if it will be a girl or a boy . . . she already has two princesses - wonder if this one will be a princess or a prince. A prince would sure shake things up a bit!


heartsfulloflove said...

You are the first to have had that feeling. Everyone else we told was surprised. Hoping for a princess b/c I'm at a loss for what to do with a boy. Have a fun trip!

Mary said...

I'm glad the rest of your day was better! I was praying! :) Have fun on your trip - where are you planning to go? That's great your niece is expecting!! Give her my congrats! :)

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