Sunday, April 25, 2010

This Post is a Menagerie . . .

The rain has stopped .  .  . at least for a few minutes. The skies were blue for a short time and are now gray once again. Last night we were to have storms but they passed over us . . . Many other areas were not so fortunate. I have check the blogs and Facebook this morning . . . my Dear Friend Marva and her family farm . . . they have orchards too . . . They were to have horrible storms last night . . . with hail and as any one knows hail + new plantings = disaster. Praying for you Dear Marva!

Yesterday we relaxed our day away . . . the kids played as we read. I totally finished a book - which is amazing for me! Finished it in two days . . . Woo Hoo! The book - "One Small Boat" by Kathy Harrison is a great read! The book is about a Foster Family . . . in fact, not just any foster family but a Foster Family of the Year. The book is well written and resonates love and understanding to the children that entered their home. It is Amazing and I couldn't put it down.

Our day today is busy . . . there is much to do. The upstairs will be cleaned today . . . with everyone in gear, a few hours is all it will take to conquer. Tonight a family movie . . . we have several to choose from and I am not sure which we will choose. I am always on the look out for wholesome family movies and get so excited when I find one.

The boys are NEVER filled up . . . they want to eat all the time. We can have our meal and not ten minutes later they want a "snack!" I cannot even fathom how much food they will eat when they become teenagers! Yikes, guess I should buy stock in the grocery store now.

Here is a great savings tip . . . have you ever shopped If you haven't, I highly recommend it. Today, I redeemed $36.10 in free stuff! I love it when it is the end of a quarter at because when you make a purchase during a quarter, you get $$$ in savings to apply at the end of a quarter. $$$$'s sound good to me, how about you?

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cheeky curves said...

Love rainy days, a good book, but kids ummm, yeh love them too.

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