Monday, April 26, 2010

Things That Drive Me Nuts VERSES Things I am Thankful For

Changing things up a bit for this post . . . play along if you like . . . Today, a list  . . .

Now, Not Your Ordinary Run of the Mill this is what I need to do or have done list . . .

Nope, this list is of "Things That Drive Me Nuts!

Here goes . . .

Teeth Grinding

Nail Clipping in the  "WRONG" PLACE -  like a meeting or church!

Being corrected by someone that has absolutely no idea what they are talking about!

Vandalism - there is absolutely no reason for it!


An EMPTY toilet paper holder - especially when the tp has gone M.I.A.

Pee on the seat or down the sides of the toilet - not to mention on the wall (my little boys do not aim well or maybe it is that they don't take the time to aim well)

Talking to someone and they aren't listening

Repeating myself more than twice - to anyone big people or little people                                    (hello, check your battery - lol)

Nosey People (like one of the guys that is installing our gutter guards - taking stock of what is in the garage when we opened it to go out)

Stepping in dog poop (no explanation needed)

A drawer full of pencils that need SHARPENING

A Pull-Up that gets left in pants - it is a terrible thing to find once that wash is ready for the dryer

Telemarketing calls

A delivery date being delayed - my new computer was supposed to be shipped prior to the end of the month. EXPEDITED. New ship date - almost Mid May. grrrrrr

Sink full of dishes and TWO Empty Dishwashers

Expecting a nice thunderstorm and then it doesn't even rain - bummer

Nothing on Television - even though you have satellite and over 180 channels

Watching a movie  . . .  I mean really getting into it and someone that is in the room with you has seen it and starts to tell you what is going to happen

O.k. That is 20 THINGS THAT DRIVE ME NUTS . . .

Now for 20 THING THAT I AM THANKFUL FOR - just to balance things out!

God's Word

Knowing that my 17 year old daughter loves to "hang out" with me!

Snuggles from my kids!

Being Told "I LOVE YOU" by your hubs - even after 27 years!


That feeling you get when your bathrooms are clean!

Dinner Time - when your family RAVES over something you made for dinner!

Time to sit and READ a good book or listen to a podcast!

Household Helpers (a.k.a the washer and dryer, dishwasher, Walter)

A Gentle Breeze with my Himalayan Chimes gonging gently.

Cute Stories from My Kids

Those funny things My Kids say 

Opening my house windows and listening to the birds outside

A backup computer

Clean and Wonderful SMELLING laundry (with my signature scent)

My Home (even though it takes forever to clean)

Our Business and Employees

My Kindle

Christian Values

My Favorite Undies (what? you don't have a favorite?)

Hair and Nail appointments (at my age - there is a lot of upkeep!)

My Panini Maker - the kids love Panini sandwiches and so do I

Beth Moore's Bible Study on DVD

Coffee - oh how I am THANKFUL for Coffee!

My Glasses - now I can read even the itty bitty print! Do you know how hard it is to read stuff your kids push in front of your eyes that is all a blur?

Ipods - especially when you have entertainment on it for the kids and you are stuck waiting some place - just give them the ipod - plug in the earphones and Whamo - instant quiet!

Cleaning products - I Love the H2, Germicide and Scour Paste from Shaklee

My camera - my kids are growing so quickly - pictures are a must!

Helmet Head Hairspray by Chi - make that style last all day!

The little creatures that wander through our yard - deer, squirrel, ducks, cardinal birds, geese - they are all amazing to watch.

Blog friends, readers, comments and lurkers too!

How about you?

 Can you make a list of


How does your lists measure up against one another?

I would LOVE to read your lists . . . so comment and Link up . . . come on  . . .  it will be fun!


Anonymous said...

hahaha, I really enjoyed reading through that... I think I'll just mention the positives!! Hopefully later on my blog! :) Love you Julie, have a GREAT day! xx

Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't respond to your comments on my blog sooner, Julie, I'm finally getting caught up on my inbox!!

I'll be praying about that situation you mentioned. Let me know how it's going in a facebook private message when you get the chance.

Shaklee sounds really nice! I wonder if I can find it here...

I love reading your blog more often! Love your comments! Thanks so much! :)

That is so cool about the homeschool conference, parents always have "backup teaching" to do anyway so I hope you find some great books! I love Easy Grammar, and Spell to Write and Read, and Saxon Math.

Hugs and much love!!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun list! I'm going to work on it later. I could use the reminder, I'm sure :o) BTW, I tagged you. I thought it'd be fun!

Marva said...

I too enjoyed your lists! Love you girl!

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