Thursday, April 22, 2010


Several months ago our family began supporting children through Compassion International. We received the pictures of the children and a little about them that we posted on our small bulletin board so my kids could see them. Every month we write a letter to each child and once in a while we send a little extra monetary gift. Today we received letters to two of them, both are little boys. I read the letters to my kids and husband . . . one letter in particular broke my heart.

One of the boys wrote that he was able to buy some shoes that are SO NICE along with cookies, milk and flour. He wrote that he was thanking us and was happy to receive the gift. He then wrote "this was the first time he had gotten a gift of this kind, because it was big."

I read that statement and I paused. This little boy was excited to get a nice pair of shoes. To buy cookies, milk and flour. He wrote that he had never received a gift like he had received . . . my heart hurt, this precious child . . . how amazing he is.

I repeated parts of the letter to my boys and I told them that they have no idea what this little boy's life is like. This little boy has so little, but his heart was overflowing with joy. I told my boys that we spend more money at McDonald's than we sent this child. My EJ's heart is tender . . . he came to me and laid his head on my shoulder . . . he was emotional. I asked him if he was sad . . . his answer was yes.

We are so blessed and yet this little guy has so little. There are so many children that have little to nothing . . . my heart breaks for them. There are suffering children all over the world . . . Would you pray and seek God's guidance? Maybe there is a child or two that you could help a little bit.

The end of one of the little boys letters read, "Please pray for God's blessings on his home. I pray for you and your family each day. Good Bye from your kid, R*****"

Compassion . . . it is a beautiful thing!


Anonymous said...

Wow... that is so moving. Dear little children who have so little and rejoice in what they do get!! It is also a lesson to us to be so content in the many things we have!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Beautiful post....Had a few hours to blog hop glad that I stopped here....Be sure and stop by and read about a miracle in our family....

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