Friday, April 2, 2010


I promised a few days ago to post a few pictures of our family room all spring cleaned. Well, here it is: 

I have to tell you . . . we just received our Shaklee products and we used them in the house today. Look at the shine on our floor! Just a little bit goes a long way! It feels so good to have this done!

Pottery Barn here . . . the coffee table, try, jar and shells. The Beehive is from Longaberger.

I used the Shaklee H2 cleaner on the bathroom floor, sink and faucets and the G on the toilet and flooring around the toilet. Look at the mirror - Shaklee Window and Glass Cleaner made from the H2. 
Absolutely NO streaking! 

I am sure you noticed my little man in a few of the pictures, can't hardly have the camera out without him posing! Talk about a Camera hog! lol

The temperature is 77 degrees right now . . . I can't remember it being so warm on April 2. Loving it!


Anonymous said...

Julie... those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Wow, the floor looks amazing. I love your style! Well done! Does Shaklee have a secret ingredient?? ;)

Mimi said...

I love all of your windows.
Let the sunshine in!

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