Friday, April 9, 2010

Our Trip, Tim Hawkins and Chick-fil-a

Katelyn and I just returned from seeing Tim Hawkins LIVE! Oh My Goodness, I thought I was going to wet my pants I laughed so hard! The place was completely sold out!

We are now back in our room, where it is QUIET . . . sorry Babe  . . . I am certain it isn't quiet where you are. Thank you sooooo very much for letting us travel and be gone to do this. Katelyn and I really are enjoying our testosterone free environment. Not that we don't love you and the boys, but this is really the first time we have gotten away and it was much needed! Your Rock Babe!

O.k. everyone . . . we didn't have any trouble at all finding our destination!!! Ohio was just where the map said it was going be! I am so happy! The last time we went to OHIO, it took us 8 plus hours - today we were at our destination and in our room in just over FIVE hours. Woo Hoo for our GPS . . . and the map we took just in case.

Katelyn has taken quite a few photos along the way. She got a really cool photo of a National Guard Helicopter hovering before it landed.

Tonight while we are waiting for our room service delivery, we are going to watch AVATAR.

Katelyn and I are so excited . . . we will be trying Chick-fil-a for the first time tomorrow. We don't have one in Illinois - at least that we know of. Besides, we couldn't take our entire family there as they cook everything in peanut oil . . . of which Cody is highly allergic. So we went onto the Chick-fil-a website to look at their menu. Can I just interject a big WOW here? Oh My Goodness  . . .  every thing looks so yummy. That being said, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY CALORIES ARE IN ONE PEACH SHAKE from Chick-fil-a? 800 plus!!! Oh my word! Well, needless to say - the peach shake is out, but we have already made a list of our choice of food that we will pick up on our way through Indianapolis tomorrow on our return trip home. Definitely the diet lemonade - it is only calories. Then we are in a toss up over the char grilled chicken, nuggets or chicken sandwich. I will let you know our choice tomorrow and maybe a picture or two.

Little Mia is doing well. She had to stay in our hotel room in her carrier while we went to the Tim Hawkins show. When we got back to our room, we found that she had escaped her little carrier and was hiding under the bed. Little Houdini! Next time, we will have to connect that together somehow. She was excited to see us come back to the room and has since fallen asleep on the bed with Katelyn.

Time to watch the movie - have a great night!

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