Friday, April 16, 2010

Normal Friday AND Fraud Prevention

It is a rainy Friday in my little area of the world. Thankfully, I have no place to go today!

Last evening, I took three teenage girls to shop for decorations for the Junior/Senior Banquet that is coming up in May. The Juniors decorate for the Seniors each year . . .  and the girls were so excited and wanted to out do all the previous years decorating. The theme A Night in Paris. The girls had some very good ideas and were $$$ conscience. They were so funny to watch. Cody came along with us and thoroughly enjoyed every minute  -  well at least almost every minute, he is a male in a woman's shopping trip world!

Today I have a few things to catch up on and will finish the laundry. I am excited that I have nothing pressing to take care of, just normal day to day stay at home mom stuff.

Have you ever had the opportunity to have your credit cards fraud department contact you? The other day, I was balancing our household accounts when I tried to download my discover card information for the month. There was a message - due to the state of the account, it could not be accessed . . . please call ###-###-####. So, I tried to access my account online . . . same message. So, I called Discover. My call was to the fraud department. A fraud representative answered the call and retrieved my information - then he asked about several attempted charges on my account - there were several, not mine. Thankfully, the charges were flagged - after a few attempts at charges of $.10 and $.01 . . . guess that was a red flag. After answering that several of the attempted charges were not mine, the representative told me they would be issuing another card number for me and to look over my statement well for any charges that I did not make and contact them right away. I am thankful for Fraud departments and their representatives.
I used my card on two occasions at one store, I will be contacting that store to let them know of the attempted fraud on my account.

I generally keep a close eye on all aspects of our financial information and credit reports . . .  it is a must in this day and age that we live in.

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Jeanette said...

We have had someone get into our Amazon account and download some songs. We were not home at the time but got emails showing the downloads. I immediately called Amazon and they reversed the charges but said they could not tell what computer was downloading the songs. They only lost a few bucks on our issue but I imagine they lose much more! Glad that they stopped it when they did :} We have had Discover hault the use of our cards once because we were both getting gas at the same time and we both used our cards in two different cities. They thought the card must have been stolen. I was glad the did!

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