Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Life as a Stay at Home Mom - My Day in Pictures

I have always wanted to be a Mom . . . ever since I was a little girl. My journey to motherhood was long and full of ups and downs . . . Praise God he chose to give me FIVE children. I always joke that when he decided to give me boys, God gave them to me with a huge laugh. My boys are definitely more challenging that my baby girl . . . now 17, but God made little boys special in a way that only a Mother understands. As I mother my little boys, I learn something each and every day . . . sometimes it is 

something good

something nasty

something fun

something weird

but I can always rest assured that each learning adventure teaches me a little something to understand my boys a little better. This morning after Katelyn, Ryan, Cameron and EJ went to school and Randy was off to work I decided to snap a few photos of my day.

Little boys have more important things to do than to pick up their toys.

My little Cody loves, loves, loves to watch Max and Ruby (I loathe Max & Ruby)

My boys love to snuggle under a blanket as they watch their favorite program or movie.

To speed up the laundry process, I hang jeans on our deck railing on nice days. 

One of my spring Mom duties involved cleaning through tennis shoes and crocs - these shoes are drying outside after a much needed wash. 

Just like socks, there seems to ALWAYS be that one pair of shoes that is missing one shoe! What is that about? and WHERE is that other shoe? grrrr

Laundry baskets are seldom empty.

Furniture gets moved from where it is supposed to be and toys replace Momma's pretty pillows. Be careful where you sit! Always look first!

Our library is full of great things to read and watch (videos are in the drawers) however, books and videos seldom get returned to their proper place.

I get lots of help making breakfast - whether I want it or not.

I have very good eaters . . .

I just never know what I will find . . . here one of the boys' car with my table runner and the clorox wipes. Interesting combination.

I am never without school papers to look over.

I absolutely LOVE Lisa Leonard jewelry. This little piece is a little story of my life right now . . .
Life + 5, Mom and COFFEE

What photos would tell the story of your day?


Xmas Dolly said...

Wow, What a concept photos that make up my day. I'm going to have to try that, and take a look myself just to see if I'm as boring as I think I am. LOL Saw you on someone else's comments & now I can't even remember who. Oh Lord, CRS is creeping in again. Nice to meet you. I'm your latest follower. Yes, you have been blessed with very nice family!

Xmas Dolly said...

Okay night time is the time I blog hop the most, and I thought I'd come back, and thank you for stopping by, and I'm really glad you liked my blog. As long as I'm here gonna nosy around myself. Have a great night. Also, if you like poetry, my husband also has a blog. http://themoodymix.blogspot.com You might like it. Tell him Dolly sent ya! ~hehe~ Later my new friend!

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