Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Murphy's Law

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the "hair post." I always feel a bit weird when I first get a new "look" I guess I am afraid that someone will say something like . . . "WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU DO?"

Today has been very busy for me . . . I feel it really bad in my shoulders and neck tonight. My list was very long and I won't bore you with the details. I am excited to say . . . I have my Mac all up to date with my backup from my Dell. Yes, I can run windows on my Mac - there is a little program that will allow you to operate both on a Mac Computer. So, I have all of the files that I use ALL THE TIME plus my financial program all on my Mac. I have also managed to connect to the office as well and now I don't have to go in to the office to do my paperwork. I was going to attempt taking Cody in once a week to catch up, but now I don't have too. Praise the Lord . . . all of my paperwork is DONE!

I can't wait for my new Dell Workstation - like a laptop - to arrive. No date of when to expect it yet  . . . was to be a month, but Randy managed to get expedited service.

Randy grilled chicken out for us tonight and Katelyn took care of the veges. It was a yummy dinner!

I haven't quite shared all of the electronic disasters/breakdowns we have had in the past week:

  • Katelyn's Edge wouldn't start again - Randy took it to the Dealer as it is still under warranty - of course, nothing is wrong with it . . . they claim the battery just needed a really good charge.
  • The pool pump went poo poo. It is now replaced.
  • The Dish DVR went poo poo too! The replacement arrived today by UPS/FED EX and I installed it . . . it is now working.
  • My computer - really not its fault that it took a bath . . . but we won't talk about that!
  • Our printer - Canon - the print heads would not align, nope not for anything. It has been replaced and installed yesterday.
We have been a bit high maintenance at our house! Guess ole Murphy kicked in again. (a.k.a. murphy's law.)

Well, I am going to go and relax for a while with Katelyn.

Have a great night.

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Jeanette said...

Please tell me you went wireless with the printer! We love ours :} Have them keep the Edge for a week and see what happens - I know you know that but just thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth :} No issues with Gabby's car at the moment. She is losing washer fluid sometimes but not all the time. I took the tank out but it has no cracks so it must be a hose....not too worried about it as it is summer and she can just use water for awhile.

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