Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hi all . . . I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our weekend went well for the most part. I had planned to post pictures of yesterday, but there was a huge glitch with my computer - well, wasn't the computer's fault. I was working on a Shutterfly book and Ryan was looking on. Well, I had a cup of water - BIG one . . . Ryan reached out to point to something and . . . you guessed it - he hit my water and it flipped over onto my computer. I am so thankful that I had a little nudge last week to backup my computer. Praise the Lord. So, I didn't lose everything I had on my computer. I think the computer suffered a major setback. It won't load windows right now - it has tried to recover, but so far . . . no go. This is not good! I do all of my work from home AND also all of our home finances, photos, etc. What a way to end the weekend. Ryan felt terrible. I had the water sitting where I wouldn't knock it over, but not were he couldn't reach it. Right now, the laptop is on its side - no water has run out from it, but I think it got a bit of a jolt when the water hit the plug in adapter. We shall see how it is tomorrow.

I can still work around not having my work computer at home. I can go into work to accomplish that and I can do all of my internet from my Mac, which is what I am using now. My backed up items can be put on another computer if need be. The computer did make a pop sound a few minutes ago - sounded like a static discharge sound.

I guess tomorrow I will see what the damage is. Good night all.


Mimi said...

Hi Julie, I hope that your laptop is OK.
Thank goodness for back ups. All of your pictures are so precious!
Have a great week!

Life with Kaishon said...

This is such great advice. Thank you. I love your music. So pretty. I saw your comment at Kelly's enjoying the small things blog. I love to visit a few of her readers after I am done leaving my comment.

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