Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is my view as I write this afternoon - except for the fact that the picture is flipped and I haven't figured out how to flip it. Anyway, you still get a view of what I am seeing.

Our pear tree down by the lake is in bloom. It is gorgeous!!! The clouds are thick and very gray - winds are blowing strong. Although it is a little cool, I am fully enjoying it.

I was in a bad mood for all of this morning. I then sat through the webinar that I have joined - Beyond Consequences - which I love. I spoke to the host Heather Forbes during the class - the class is wonderful and is great for parents. I highly recommend it!

I was able to get my chores done . . . it felt good to get then finished. Laundry is all caught up too. I put on a crockpot of Italian Beef for tonight's dinner.

Tomorrow my day will be light as far as chores go.

My giant chimes are blowing in the wind - they are quite large - I will try to get a picture of them to post in the next week. I also have a funny story about them.

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