Monday, April 19, 2010


My boys . . . ages 5 and 6 - which will be 6 and 7 next month are "into" having a girlfriend or girlfriends I should say!

Last week, I heard the boys talking about how many girlfriends they had, which caused me to stop and think about their conversation. They were quite INTO their conversation when I thought maybe it was time that Mom stepped in.

 I called to both of them and they came quickly. I asked them about girlfriends. Apparently, my 6 almost 7 year old has an entire class of "girlfriends" because he just thinks there is something about each and everyone of them. My 5 almost 6 year old has "two" girl friends and is quite giggly about it. I decided to ask them a few questions:
  1. Do either of you have a job? The answer was quickly NO.
  2. Do either of you have money? Again the answer was NO.
  3. How about a house - other than Mommy and Daddy's house? They began to look at me puzzled. The answer was NO.
  4. Do either of you have a car or driver's license. They giggled about this one and answered no.
It was then that I decided to let them in on where I was going with all of my questions. What did I say?

I said, "Well boys, how are you going to get married if you don't have a job, no money, no house and no car?" Their response . . . we aren't getting married!!!  So then I asked them . . . if you have no plans to get married, then why are you wanting girlfriends? They looked a bit like deer in the headlights. I then explained . . . boys, you are too young to have girl-friends.

according to Wikipedia:

Girlfriend  is a term that can refer to either a female partner in a non-marital romantic relationship or a female non-intimate friend that is closer than other friends.[1]
This term is often used loosely, and there is some debate over what exactly constitutes a girlfriend. In western society, it is generally agreed that "girlfriend" status begins when two people agree to date. Getting a girl to agree to such an arrangement is considered a milestone for young males, and is often seen as a sign of status, based on the perception of the girl amongst the male's peers

Many parents think that childhood "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" is harmless, however as parents we must take responsibility for our own children. We, Randy and I are responsible to teach our boys what is right and wrong. We are responsible for setting standards for them and teach them how to be polite, responsible, respectful and an upstanding person in society. Those teachings start early . . . in our opinion, our boys are too young to be thinking about having girlfriends. They do not understand what having a girlfriend means, nor are they old enough to know how to treat a girl or be responsible with a girl.

Too many grade school children are playing with "fire" when it comes to boy/girl relationships. We as parents MUST take our responsibilities seriously, teach them and not rush for them to grow up.

At this time in our family lives, we have a NO GIRL-FRIENDS ALLOWED rule. 

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Marva said...

Amen! I am so glad that you are taking a stand! most parents do not! Good for you JUju!

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