Thursday, April 1, 2010


The weather is absolutely GORGEOUS! Today the temps reached somewhere around 80 degrees and we took full advantage of our beautiful day. Although there was plenty of chores to do inside, the boys wanted to play outside. I grabbed a glass of water and headed out with the kids. There is always plenty of action when all four are outside playing. Wrestling, running, jumping, playing star wars with lite sabors, swinging, sliding, playing catch, pitching the ball to a batter,  tackling and playing in the sand. Those kids should be exhausted just from all of that action, not to mention being allowed to swim in the pool with Daddy late this afternoon.

Dinner for the kids  . . .  macaroni and cheese - homemade. Those boys were HUNGRY!

Funny story: Cameron and EJ were playing ball . . . EJ was at bat. Cameron pitched the ball and EJ hit it over Cameron's head. At this point, Cameron was frustrated and yelled, "EJ you hit the ball way over there, you are suppose to hit it to ME!" I told Cameron that EJ wasn't suppose to hit the ball to him, that he was suppose to run and try to catch it. He said, "ohhhhhhhh." I guess my boys need to watch a little baseball action this summer.

Tonight after the kids went to bed, Randy made coffee and we sat out on the deck for a long time. It was wonderful to be able to sit, enjoy coffee and one another's company without constant interruption. The dogs joined us and thought it was heavenly too!

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Marva said...

What a day!! Sounds like a fun time! I love those "just us" moments! Blessings!

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