Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

It is time for another post of "A Few of My Favorite Things". So, here we go:

There are things in my home that I absolutely adore . . . pictures and possibly an explanation as to "why" they are my favorite things:

This is a photo of my lingerie chest - it is very tall and atop it sits a Bible, Couple - symbolizing Randy and I, a beautiful clock, pedestal that a plant sits on and our family establish picture - I made a year ago.

This setting is in our sitting/a.m. kitchen room. Love Longaberger Baskets, comfy chairs and since we live on a lake a few little geese. The plaque that I made last year and reads: "Grant me patience to deal with my blessings."

This little chest sits at the top of the stairs. As you can see, I love pictures of my kids! I also have one empty frame . . . which will hold one of Katelyn's Sr. Banquet photos.

This little bench sits between the kids' bathroom and one of the kid's bedrooms. Sorry for the glare in one of the photos. I absolutely love this set of collage frames and feature each of my children. The bench below is from Pottery Barn and on the bench sits a momma goose and daddy goose along with some beautiful grasses.

This is a picture of last evenings dinner. Scallops on a bed of rice and veges along with bread and butter. It was delish as they say!

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Anonymous said...

Love these pics Julie!! Sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing! Love you!!

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