Saturday, April 3, 2010

almost done with our day

The day has been busy, laundry has been the name of the game. When I say laundry, I mean laundry, lost count at how many loads - I slacked off over the past few days and the laundry grew and grew. I am down to one load of rugs, one load of cleaning rags and what the kids bring down from bath time.

Tomorrow morning I will be making Calico Beans, Cheesey Hashbrown potatoes and Pumpkin Fluff to take to Mom and Dad's house for Easter. The house is going to smell YUMMY!

Tonight we all watched Willy - Escape from Pirate Cove . . . Fantastic Movie! You know, I don't recall one bad word in the entire movie! I totally recommend it!

Everyone is settling down now and are in their beds - bedtimes have gone a little by the way side this Easter vacation. Must get back into the groove tomorrow night - school resumes on Tuesday.

Easter Baskets are made - all with great treats from Peanut Free Planet. The boys will be so excited!!! The basket also has a Lego watch for each of the boys and a Ben 10 alien Lego. Katelyn will be getting treats from Peanut Free Planet, a new round hair brush, perfume and a bottle of Philosophy Bath & Shower.

Down now to one load left to wash - two in the washer - one waiting to dry - two in the dryers. Should be heading to bed around midnight, but all of the laundry will be done or in the dryer. Quite a task, but my Momma will be proud! ha ha - she was hear on Thursday and was shocked at the laundry pile. She just closes her eyes . . . things are back on track now.

I have enough time to start a new Bible Study with Beth Moore . . . Here and Now . . . There and Then - Revelation Series.

G'night all

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Anonymous said...

Great work getting all that laundry done!! Have a wonderful Lord's Day dear Julie!!

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