Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too Many Subjects for a Title

Our day was warm today . . . as I write it is 65 outside! The birds are as happy and singing their little hearts out. I opened a few windows and the sliding door in our dining area. The smell of spring is in the air . . . Praising God!

Feeling like my head is full of fluid . . . bending over makes me dizzy. Took a nap this afternoon.

Cody was pretty good today . . . he sat with me as I snoozed a little here and there.

Kids got their report cards today and all did well . . . Ryan didn't get his home --- who knows where his is. I think he could lose something in an empty sealed room.

Received gentle and loving kisses from my boys. Love those kisses.

Tonight everyone requested leftovers from last night! My "healthy" spaghetti was REALLY a hit . . . makes me smile.

Made fresh pineapple blueberry orange juice for the family tonight . . . it too was a hit . . . especially with the whip cream on top.

Our girls all smell good . . . they had their day of beauty today at the dog groomer. It is so nice that they get a day out AND as a bonus - the house is quiet!

In case you are wondering, our little piggy is getting bigger and loves attention now . . . he is very nosey when anyone is in the room or adjacent room that he is in. His little nose is always going and he can eat an entire pile of hay in no time!

Tomorrow morning I will be busy with laundry, but am not planning on doing more in the house. Cody and I will likely work on his letters and build with blocks tomorrow. If it doesn't rain, I will take him outside to run and play a bit. The girls will love being outside too.

Friday night Katelyn has a Showcase thing at school . . . the High School kids will be performing their solos, duets, drama pieces, show their art, drawings, photographs, etc. I am excited to see what the kids will be presenting. Next week they will be going to the State Scholastic Competition. This was the one Katelyn was disqualified with her monochromatic drawing . . . they claimed it was too much like the photo from which she drew it. We shall see what this year brings. She would like me to go up with her, but I don't think it would be a good idea . . . you know how those momma feathers get when someone go against her chicks. If I had been there last year, it would not have been pretty. Prayerfully nothing like that will happen again. Katelyn has entered many areas of this competition . . . please pray for her.

Please continue to pray for little Layla Grace Marsh's family as Layla is now in Heaven free from pain . . . doing just what two year olds do . . . running, giggling, smiling and enjoying herself. The angels welcomed her to Heaven yesterday morning. Layla leaves behind her Mommy - Shanna, Daddy - Ryan, Sisters Claire and Jenna.

Have a great evening . . .

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