Sunday, March 21, 2010


The rain and cold continues today, we are all confined inside once again. Spring is here, but it feels like winter here in my little corner of the world.

The boys are playing with their legos while wearing cowboy hats. I am not sure of the connection between the hats and the legos . . . I would ask them, but don't want to disturb their play. Boys are definitely weird . . . this morning while playing they began talking about poop. Gross, huh? Daddy heard them and told them NOT to talk about poop . . . it was nasty. However, the poop talk continued and they got into trouble and had to sit out of play. Boys are weird . . . gross . . . unbelievable and totally adorable when they want to be.

Last evening Cody asked me to paint his fingernails . . . if I remember correctly, each of my boys have gone through this phase. He sat still while I painted his nails blue . . . he was so excited that he immediately went to show daddy. Cody was so excited that water didn't take it off. Daddy . . . not so excited. He keeps telling Cody that it needs to come off. Cody doesn't think so. I don't see any harm in it . . . he is not in school, so what is the harm of it?

Last evening Katelyn and I watched Twilight: New Moon . . . of course, the movie is totally unbelievable . . . in my opinion, but she enjoyed it. Strange movie. I just want to know how they made Edward so pale . . . yikes! Bella definitely needs her eyes checked . . . Jacob is much more handsome than Edward. Enough said.

I am looking forward to The Blind Side's release. We went to the movie to see it . . . it was an amazing movie and Sandra Bullock had the best performance of her life! If you haven't viewed the movie, I highly recommend it!

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Have a great Day!

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Mimi said...

The ending of New Moon was just ridiculous!
I took my daughter and her friend and of course they were mesmerized.
They really overdid Edward's makeup, didn't they? He needed some Visine!
I just felt totally cheated by the abrupt ending!

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