Monday, March 22, 2010


My day begins with the question,


As many BOY Moms will tell you, little boys are STRANGE little creatures . . . 
that is IF they are honest!

As most of you know, I am the Mom to FOUR little boys, much to my surprise! I never ever thought myself to be a Boy Mom, but God had other plans. I prayed and prayed and prayed for children . . .
God answered my prayer and with a chuckle (I am certain God laughed) he BLESSED me with four little creatures with the Y chromosome! a.k.a. BOYS!

I can guarantee that I ask a certain one word question each and every day . . .


Why did he?

Why don't he?

Why would he?

Why wouldn't he?

Why can he?

Why can't he?

By now, you Moms of girls are wondering What in the World is she talking about?

Without further delay . . . a glimpse into a Boy Mom's World.

Little Boys:
  • cannot find what they are looking for . . . even if it is in front of his nose
  • get distracted VERY easily - what? who? where? 
  • never go anywhere in a straight line - apparently they take "short" cuts.
  • cannot find the laundry basket - apparently it is oblivious to them what one looks like
  • do not aim when they pee - besides what would Mom do in her spare time if they aimed?
  • do not know that toilet paper is for cleaning their bum after they poo
  • never flush . . . they are water conscious
  • cannot put away laundry . . . I think putting away laundry is against the "boy code" or something
  • since their laundry can't be put away, they throw it on the floor of their bedroom or closet and then walk on it
  • have very poor hearing . . . that is unless it is something they aren't suppose to hear
  • fill the dogs water bowl AND make sure they flood the floor in the process . . . saves Mom mopping time - NOT
  • think nothing of wearing their shirts backwards . . . maybe I should leave their laundry inside out too - they wouldn't notice, besides . . . every other time they wear it, it will be on right.
  • are oblivious to closed doors - if a door is locked, just go get the key . . . nothing in a Boy house is sacred . . . not even bathroom time
  • think if a little is good a lot must be great!
  • don't like using tissues for their noses - sleeves are better, PLUS using sleeves SAVES TREES
  • think any bodily function is humorous
  • never do anything they aren't supposed to . . . it is "the other one . . . brother or sister" if something happens
  • if you ask them to go and tell a sibling or parent something, they stand right where they are and yell - no sense in wasting energy to go to where the other person is to talk to them
  • are very wiggly
  • always yell through the house to "find out" where you are
  • love to snuggle
  • give great hugs and kisses
  • are Mommy's little heart breakers!
After this post, I am certain you understand boys just a wee bit better! I am not too certain that I answered the Why? question though . . . maybe one day it will become clear


janie said...

How true! I only have one boy, he is 15 years old but all that you said is so true. I can leave the hamper lid open (in his room) and he still throws the cloths on the floor. He has only recently discovered napkins and still may us his shirt on occasion to wipe his mouth. I think the selective hearing and can't find something right in front of their face carries into adulthood...Have a great evening Julie, I love reading your blog, wonder how you do it all and still have time for yourself.

Julie said...

Janie, thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I knew that boys carried these things on to adulthood!

Thanks for reading. Each day has its own set of challenges, I don't try to do everything in one day, although there are days I am busy every minute. I decided a long time ago that I want my kids to remember growing up and not that Mom worked on cleaning all the time. Everyone pitches in with chores and I do the best I can to keep up with things . . . some days I fail but most days I feel good about. Time to myself is usually after the kids go to bed or right after I take them to school in the morning.

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