Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring, Grandparents Day and a Manhunt

The weather here has been lovely! I think spring has FINALLY sprung! Yesterday afternoon, I put everything inside on hold and went outside with Cody. He loved being able to run and play. Every once in a while we would sit and read a book or make up a story . . . Our story's main characters . . . a cowboy, a horse named George and Grandma. George and the Cowboy went to Grandma's house for cookies and then everyone went to the zoo and then off to lunch at TGI Friday's. We are really good story maker uppers! ;-) Special Moments

Tonight I hope to have movie night with the kids . . . Planet 51

Today is Grandparents Day at School . . . Grandma will visit the kids in their classes and watch something special. The boys all said that Grandma will have a suprise today . . . the students are going to play bombardment against/with the grandparents. I immediately tried to picture the whole bombardment kids against grandparents scenario . . . it wasn't pretty . . . I told the boys not to bother grandma with it. As I see it . . . kids + grandma + bombardment ball = Hospital for a broken grandma!
Not a good thing.

There was a bit of scary excitement in our area last evening . . . there were several police cars in a "stake out"  . . .  apparently there was a man hunt for an alleged attempted murderer who cut off an ankle monitoring bracelet that triggered a nationwide alert. The guy was captured in another city. Praise the Lord! Freaked me out a little bit!

Well, this is not getting my laundry going .  .  .

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Jeanette said...

How did I miss all of the excitement! Didn't hear anything about a manhunt :} Guess I'm living in my own little world!

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