Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today our home was as busy as worker bees in the hive. We began spring cleaning our family room. We got down to the nitty gritty and cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. What could we have possibly done that was more than usual cleaning? I am so glad you asked!

Katelyn and I began cleaning and Cameron asked if he could help! Yes, you read that right . . . my six year old son asked if he could help! Of course, I was very excited that he wanted to help with the Spring cleaning, so I told him yes and had a "job" for him right away. He was very excited to be able to wash windows . . . he washed the windows as far as he could reach and I washed the remainder of the windows . . . family room only . . . inside and out. Whew! That was quite a job in itself. We also:

  • moved our sectional . . . I try to take it apart and move it once a month to be able to clean under and behind it. I am always amazed at the treasures AND dust bunnies that I find. 
  • washed all window sills 
  • touched up paint
  • touched up furniture - I have a beautiful coffee table that is woven "basket like" that the kids have scratched here and there . . . a wood floor marker takes care of those little scratches easily.
  • took down pictures from the wood ledges and cleaned all pictures PLUS the ledges
  • removed the cushions from the sectional and vacuumed under them
  • vacuumed the sectional cushions 
  • vacuumed the flooring
  • washed the wood flooring with tea - sounds weird, but gives it a great shine
Tomorrow there are a few things we didn't get done in the family room that we tend to:
  • our television hangs on the wall in a large frame -  we will dust above, inside the frame and the back of the television
  • wash the ceiling fan
  • clean out the curio cabinet
Once the room is totally together tomorrow, I will post pictures. I am excited that I ordered some new accent pillows for the sectional too! Can't wait to see the room with the new "pop" of color!"

Several weeks ago I ordered some wooden black letters of our last name . . . well, this past week we received them. Today Randy went to Wal-Mart and picked up the command strip thingies so I could hang them. They look amazing! I will post pics tomorrow. The kids thought they were really "cool!"

We were blessed with a visit from my Sis and her girls late this afternoon. They came by to bring Cody a birthday gift and brought along a little friend. I just love my girls so much! We had a wonderful time of chat . . . my Sis and I! This was also the first time they saw Bugsy our Guinea pig. Of course, they all wanted to hold him . . . he objected a bit and whistled and fussed a bit. The girls loved him. I did feel bad for my Sis though . . . she has hay fever and gets itchy eyes . . . Bugsy loves hay and has it in his cage. I try to remember if I have handled him or his hay to wash my hands and then put some allergy eye meds in my eyes as I have itchy eye as well. Ooooppppssss, I didn't even think about it for my Sister! Bad JuJu! Her poor eyes flared up RED, RED, RED . . . allergy eye meds to the rescue! Sorry Janeie! Love you!

Tonight Katelyn and I watched the movie "Old Dogs" and I have to tell you, I laughed and laughed and laughed! Being in my 40's and having young children, I could relate! I know Robin Williams and John Travolta are quite a bit older than I am, but I too have been called "grandma" when I have been with my kids. I ALWAYS make sure to correct the individual that assumes I am "grandma" as I don't want my kids feeling weird! Frankly, people have children later in life now . . . much unlike when I was a child. So, when I am out and about with my 17 year old daughter and 7, 6, 5 and 4 year old sons . . . people be aware! lol My daughter has been accused of being my boys' mom before too! Now, admittedly she does look older than she is AND she is extremely mature . . . but, she is 17 and a good girl! My boys always look at me and say things like . . . what was wrong with them??? can't they see that you are our Mom? sheesh! 

This coming week will find us busy each morning . . . the plan is to get the house completely spring cleaned. I know this will be a bit of a challenge, but I think I have it all figured out:

This past week, I spring cleaned the library and piano room. Last night, we spring cleaned the kitchen and pantry. Today and tomorrow we will have the family room completely finished. The way I have it figured, if the kids help me, we can spring clean in the morning and have the afternoons free. 

Monday: Mud room, laundry room and 2 1/2 baths on main floor

Tuesday: Master bedroom, bath, closet, a.m. kitchen/sitting room

Wednesday: The two upstairs front bedrooms and hallway

Thursday: Ryan's bedroom and boys bathroom

Friday: Basement family room, mud room and hallway

Saturday: Front porch, decks and patio

Then there is the garage . . . not enough vacation time! We will have to work on it during the weekends.

I will be so excited to be able to get this all done! Such an accomplishment!

Each afternoon I plan to spend time with the kids. Tuesday might be a little tough to get all done in the morning, but that is my goal! 

For the afternoons, the fun will reign! Here is what I plan - as long as the weather cooperates:
  • fishing . . . the kids love to fish and Randy already bought the night crawlers for us! Thanks Babe! (note to self: be sure to check containers BEFORE putting them in the microwave!)
  • get out the bicycles, dust them off, check helmets and let them ride - they love bikes
  • just let them run their energy out . . . backyard play is great
  • play with play doh - especially if it rains
  • pile in the car and take a long drive just to see what we can see - maybe make it into a eye spy game - I could make a list of things that we must "spy" and the celebrate with ice cream when the list is complete
  • movies and popcorn afternoon
  • get out the Dangerous Boys book  . . . you just never know what other great ideas we can come up with! You just may want to remember me in your prayers! 

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