Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Late yesterday afternoon I asked two of my boys to put a few rugs over the railing to the deck so they could dry outside. Within a minute Katelyn was calling to me . . . someone was in our backyard on our playset. I came to the door and sure enough there was a woman pushing a little girl on our playset. I opened the door and walked out onto the deck and yelled . . . "Excuse me." An old woman dressed in what I would call brightly colored Thai clothing and wrap peeked around the playset and looked at me. When I began to speak she showed herself fully. I said, "this is private property" to which she raised her arms and said, "no" as if she was asking. I shook my head and repeated myself . . . "no." She took the little girl off of the swing and began walking down the side of our pool to get to the side yard that leads to the street. As she walked I tried to explain that she simply cannot go into someone's yard and do whatever she pleased . . . she raised her hands and walked away. Now, I am not sure if she simply didn't understand me OR chose to ignore me.

You may be wondering . . . what was the big deal? why couldn't she swing? We simply do not want to be liable for injury if someone gets hurt on our property. Besides the fact we don't know these people and cannot for the life of me figure out why they would choose to go onto someone's property and use their play equipment. I would never ever think to do that.

In other news . . . Katelyn came home from school with BIG news . . . she was sent to the Principal's office. Yes, you read that correctly . . . THE PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!  Apparently, our family has been the source of joking fun - we are the source of the circus' beginnings. . . yesterday one of the boys began teasing Katelyn about her skirt - that she isn't supposed to wear circus clothing to school. Well, Katelyn had enough . . . she dumped a cup of water over his head. They both were sent to the Principal's Office and both got two demerits. My girl has NEVER been to the office - - I was shocked but also VERY PROUD of her for making a stand.

Hair appointment this morning and nails this afternoon. Maybe my glasses will be in . . . it will be nice to be able to read again without blur.


jennifer said...

Gosh Julie, that would have seemed odd to have someone wander into your yard.

I like Katelyn's non violent way to stick up for herself. I bet that turkey looked funny dripping wet :)

Jeanette said...

I am still giggling about Kate being sent to the PO :}

I'm guessing the lady thought that your yard was a park?? I'm sure she won't be back.

Mimi said...

Julie. we have relatives that live overseas. The first time tat they came to visit, they went for a walk in the neighborhood. I was wondering why they were gone so long, so I went out to look for them. I was surprised to find them in a neighbor's yard down the street, sitting on their patio swing.
They had also picked flowers from around the neighborhood. We had to explain to them that in the US, people's yards are private and flowers on the outside of fences are not for picking! In ther country, it would be a very natural thing to just stroll around and enjoy whatever is outside.

Mimi said...

Hi Julie, I think that some parts of the movie might be a little scary for the boys. The Mad Hatter gets a little crazy at times, and Bella told me that she even got a little scared when she thought he was going crazy.
You should go with Katelyn and have a girls night out! I think that you would enjoy it.

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