Friday, March 19, 2010


Friday . . . it has been a long time coming since last night. As you can probably guess, I didn't get much sleep through the night. It started with Emma . . . our Lhasa Apso was wired up . . . Katelyn had a friend staying over last night . . . Plus, Bugsy was being a night owl last night and was making noise that bothered Emma. Emma was in her kennel (small wired cage) that is in our laundry room . . . she yipped, she whined and she barked. I warned her several times and then put the bark collar on her, but she continued to fuss . . . yes, the barking was stopped, but the fuss she was doing was irritating too. I went to the pantry and reached for the doggie downer pills . . . yes, they do make such a thing! Originally I purchased them because Emma would freak out during thunderstorms or July 4 fireworks . . . these pills make her a bit drowsy and much more calm. I tried to read the bottle for dosage, and am pretty sure I saw one pill for her size . . . at least I hoped I was right! lol I tried to give her the chewable pill, but she spit it out . . . three times. O.k. fine . . . I opened up her mouth and put 1/2 of the pill in her throat then let her swallow - then the second 1/2. After that, I didn't hear any more out of her. Praise the Lord.

I went into the family room to resume watching the Animal Planet . . . dangerous invaders was on and I was kind of into it. Did you know that Ball Pythons are invading Florida? Yep that is what Animal Planet says. Did you know that they are invading the everglades and a reproducing at alarming rates? Yep . . . being up late has its advantages . . . animal trivia!

While I was enjoying a bit of quiet, Katelyn came upstairs . . . she was discombobulated. She was stressing out about today. I am really quite uncertain what set this off, but she fussed and cried and whined and blew her nose and fussed and cried and whined and blew her nose some more. She claimed she could not sleep, so she was stressing about that too. I encouraged her to try to sleep . . . count down from 100, think of something enjoyable or pray . . . she claimed she already did all of that. I continued to encourage her to rest her body. About 1:45 a.m. I went to bed . . . Katelyn was on the couch. I heard her up and down to the bathroom a few times before I drifted off. A short time later she was in my bedroom, poking on my arm. "Mom, what do I have to do so I don't have to go?" You have to go, you made a commitment. "But Mom" I could tell by the escalation of pitch in her voice that this was not going to be easy. I interrupted her . . . Katelyn, do you know how hard it is for me to have to make this decision? I don't like that you are upsetting yourself so much, you need to dry it up. You are going. "Mom, I feel like I am going to throw up." I told her to try to calm down and rest or make herself some toast, maybe that would help calm her stomach. Randy and I lay in bed and talked as we listened to Katelyn rummage around on the main floor. By this time is was about 5:00 a.m. so Randy and I got up and went to the main floor for coffee and Katelyn encouragement.

God brought a similar situation to my mind . . . I was 16 and had committed to go on a Summer Teen Mission Outreach for 3 1/2 weeks. I was very excited about it . . . until the morning we were to leave. I didn't want to go . . . I was sick to my stomach . . . I plead with my mom not to make me go. She told me the same thing I told Katelyn . . . "you made a commitment." Needless to say, I went on that Missions trip with three other teens, our youth pastor and his wife. I grew up a little during that time and I actually enjoyed myself too.

I shared my story with Katelyn . . . she didn't have much response, but she listened. Randy told her that she needed to go and get ready to go . . . she went pale and started to cry again. "I feel like I am going to throw up!" She was getting more tense . . . So, I told her . . . maybe you should just go into the bathroom and throw up . . . just get it over with and maybe you will feel better. A few minutes later, she went into the bathroom and got it done. Then she went and got ready. While she was getting ready, I took the cue to go back upstairs for a few minutes of sleep. I heard Katelyn and Emily going out the door and yelled down to have a nice day and told Katelyn that I loved her.

This Mom thing was tough . . . knowing how upset she was and that I could do nothing to help her broke my heart. As I lay in bed I prayed that God would give her peace and see her through.

Today, I am operating on about an hour and a half to two hours of broken sleep. 

Cody is running at 100%. 

Cameron lost one of the screws that hold his lens in his glasses.

Thankfully, I ordered him two pair . . . one for backup.

Thankfully, we can get a new screw put in and they will be fine.

I tried to take a screw from one of his broken pair of glasses, but couldn't get the screw to tighten down.

I also couldn't see the screw . . . my new glasses have not come in.

I cannot see anything up close that is small . . . it is a blur.

I really don't care for my eyes doing this to me . . . I have never had this problem . . .

until now . . . 

I am OLD.

I want to sign Ryan and Cameron up for baseball

they are excited

I was going to sign them up this morning

I decided I should wait

I should wait until my glasses come in

I will have a form to fill out

I can't fill it out if I can't read it

Why does nothing ever go as planned?

Guess Murphy's got nothing on me!

(Murphy's law - Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".)
It is used as either a purely sarcastic musing that things always go wrong, or, less frequently, a reflection of the mathematical idea that, given a sufficiently long time, an event which is possible (non-zero probability) will almost surely take place. Although, in this case, emphasis is put on the possible bad occurrences.


Mimi said...

Poor Katelyn! I've been through similar situations with my kids. I hope that she has a good time. I'm saying a prayer for her.
Now, as for you, young lady, do not be going around half blind!
You really need to go to a drugstore, grocery store, or dollar store and get yourself a pair of inexpensive reading glasses so that you can see! Maybe Randy could stop on his way home. You could start with a +2 if you're not going o try them on. They're good to have around in case bad fairies take your glasses again! They basically magnify the small print so that you can read and filll out those forms. Here's a link to reading glasses so you can see what I mean.
Have a fun day and I hope you get some sleep tonight!

Jeanette said...

I'm sure Kate will sleep really well tonight along with you and Randy! I'm with Mimi - go to Walmart and pick up a cute pair. I have a cute pair and you don't want to be left out of the "cool girls" group and not have a pair of reading glasses :}

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