Monday, March 8, 2010


Good Monday Morning Everyone! The skies are dreary and we have drizzle. Yesterday, we had a bit of a thunderstorm, rain and hail. The kids thought it was really COOL!

Cody and I took the boys to school, I have had a yummy cup of coffee and chatted with Mom.

My list of chores for the day is relatively short:
  • laundry - probably about 10 loads
  • tidy pantry
  • tidy kitchen
  • steam kitchen, mud room and laundry room floors
Then I want to get session 7 of Beth Moore's Bible Study done. I can't wait.

I can hear the birds singing this morning . . . sounds like spring is on its way! Isn't that wonderful?

The kids are down to nine weeks of school remaining for the year . . . I am in awe that we have already gone through so much school year. The kids are doing very well in school . . . which of course makes a momma proud.

Cody is enjoying the quietness of the morning. He is watching a little Disney Channel. He is doing well with going potty in the bathroom where is supposed to. The "accidents" are coming less and less. I am SO excited about that!

It felt so good to drive in a clean vehicle this morning. I was really suprised that it wasn't more dirty than it was . . . guess that is a good thing. I still need to have it washed, but it is to rain all week. Randy will be taking it in for regular maintenance sometime this week and they generally wash them for you. I love that!!! I am sure they are going to cringe when they see all of the road, salt, muck grunge on it. In my defense though, I have washed it several times this winter to get the grunge off . . . the roads get so nasty!

Katelyn drove us to Wal-mart last night. I was so pleased with her driving! She is doing so well. I told her that she seemed much more relaxed behind the wheel . . . she said she was. :-)

Well, I am done with breakfast and my coffee . . . time to get to my mountain of laundry.

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