Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mid Week Already?

Good Morning to all, this morning I have been busy . . . business checkbook needed to be balanced once again. I try to balance it each week so it balance easily, but the month has gotten away with me and I had two plus weeks to balance. I am so excited that I have only one transaction to find before it is balanced.

I am also happy to report that I received my new glasses yesterday . . . my eyes are needing to learn how to use them . . . they are progressive lenses and my eyes need to learn where to look through for reading and where to look through for far away. So far I have only been having minimum difficulty and within a few days my eyes should be using them without my being aware. They are lovely and I absolutely love them.

At noon today I am going to begin a webinar . . . like a seminar but on the web. The title is Beyond Consequences and deals with all types of childhood behavior. I am excited to learn more about children and their "ways." I hope to learn new and exciting things.

Cody had a wonderful birthday and couldn't wait last night for the FIRE to be lit. Today, he is chilling out and having a nice day . . . he is being pretty quiet too.

The kids only have one more day of school after today and then we are on Easter break. I am not sure I am ready for this, but I guess I will have to be. Maybe we can all work together on spring cleaning a room at a time in the morning and then have free time in the afternoons. We probably need to get a few night crawlers so we can fish off of our dock. They will love that. I should probably stock up on bobbers, fishing hooks and weights . . . we seem to go through a lot of them!

We are excited that my Aunt and Uncle are heading home from Florida soon . . . they have been gone too long!

My SUV is in for a check up . . . I had a list of things that needed attention. I only have 6,500 miles on it, but it was ready for normal maintenance and a few fix it things. It will feel so much better when it comes home. We took Katelyn's car this morning to take the boys to school . . . it was a fun change for everyone.

I better close for now . . . my webinar starts in ten minutes. Have a great day!

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