Friday, March 5, 2010

Kellys Korner Show Us Your Life What is Your Typical Day like?

Kelly's Korner Blog is Hosting Friday's edition of Show Us Your Life . . . What is your typical day like?

I usually wake between 6:00 and 7:00 depending on the loudness of my husband Randy while he is getting ready for work. I try to stay snuggled under the blankets . . . just 5 more minutes.

As Mom to five, there are mornings that I cringe at the thought of getting out of bed. I trudge into the bathroom for a shower and let the water beat down on my head while I get more awake. Generally, even though the door is shut to the bathroom, one of my kiddos will find their way into the bathroom to either tell me something that is "important" or tattle on one of their siblings, or just "see" what I am doing.

After my shower, I head downstairs to make sure everything is under control, kids are dressed in their "Own" clothes (they have tendencies to try to pull off wearing another's clothing), make sure their clothing is on correctly . . . not backwards, inside out - no I am not kidding, make sure lunches are taken care of and breakfast. By this time, Cody our three year old comes down to see what everyone is doing.

Coffee is the next thing I take care of . . . it is a MUST!

Take the boys to school is next . . . I pull up to the school drop off point and tell them "get outta my car" generally they laugh, we exchange "Have a good days" and "I love yous" and then I am headed toward home once again. On the way home I call my Mom for our Morning chat and upon arriving home, make my second cup of coffee. While chatting I check emails, facebook and blogs.

Next . . . start up laundry . . .  I have between 26 and 32 loads a week . . . I am not kidding. Once laundry is running, I should be tidying up the kitchen, washing the table and see what actually needs to be done around the house . . . a never ending list as most of you can relate to.

Throughout my day, I:
  • remind Cody to go potty - about every hour and a half
  • take the dogs outside to go potty
  • check on Bugsy the Guinea pig to see if he needs anything
  • work on laundry . . . almost every day
  • take care of paperwork for our business (I am connected to the office at home)
  • dishwashers - unload and reload
  • try to either dust a room or clean a bathroom - depends on the day
  • love to take a few minutes and read my kindle
  • answer question after question that Cody has
  • replace toilet paper - because apparently, I am the only one that knows how
  • shop - I am an online shopper for the most part. I usually place a weekly order to keep our pantry stocked
  • Cody likes to snuggle and watch one of "his shows"
  • remind Cody to pick up his toys
  • lunch time
  • rest time - I love the days when we can sneak in a lil' nap - love snugglin'
  • kids are home from school
  • check to see what papers the kids brought home
  • catch up with the kids and their day
  • homework
  • dinner
  • dinner clean up
  • bath time - compliments of Daddy
  • check in on the computer again
  • tv or book reading time
  • head to be around 11:00 - 12:00
My weeks vary . . . with different IMPORTANT appointments such as hair and nails. Once the warm weather shows up we will be going outside for playtime. We work playtime in here and there . . . coloring was fun yesterday and we also love to work letter flash cards.

Life is never boring at our house.

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Greg and Tracey said...

Hello Julie! I can totally identify with your typical day! I also have 5 kids (4 boys 1 girl, ages 8, 6, 4, 2, 5 mos.). What do you have, boys, girls? and what are their ages?

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