Monday, March 8, 2010


Do you keep track of what you have done in a day? My Mom keeps track on her calendar . . . I keep track here on my blog. It is interesting to look back and see what in your day, week or month has been accomplished.

Here is my list for today:
  • dusted the laundry room
  • tidied laundry room - where does all of the extra stuff come from?
  • tidied one of the laundry room cabinets
  • dusted the mud room
  • laundry sorted
  • laundry washing . . .  8 loads
  • fed Bugsy an apple slice and a cauliflower piece - he is now sleeping
  • dusted out Ryan's cubbie/locker in our mud room
  • folded laundry . . .  8 loads
  • paid bills
  • deposited paychecks
  • washed piano room windows
  • put in the freshly washed screens - compliments of Katelyn's cleaning
  • wash library room windows
  • put in the freshly washed screens - compliments of Katelyn's cleaning
  • lunch
  • Bible Study with Beth Moore . . . session 7
  • vacuumed laundry room
  • made dinner - turkey burgers, oven fries, salad
  • dinner clean-up
  • scrubbed griddle
  • cleaned up wax mess one of the kids made by spilling one of my scentsy candles in the laundry room - Mommy NOT happy.
  • steam mopped laundry room, mud room and 1/2 bath - Katelyn felt sorry for her Momma . . . she did this for me! Thank You Sweetie
  • received plenty of mommy kisses from Cody
  • washed winter coats - Ryan and Cody's
  • looked over kids school papers
I did not get the kitchen floor steam mopped or the pantry tidied . . . Bummer!

What happened to that smallish list I had?

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Marva said...

Man, I got wiped out just reading it! LOL! Love ya! Blessings!

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