Thursday, March 11, 2010

June Cleaver . . .

I love to read blogs . . . blogs of all types . . . spritual ones, mommy ones,  moms trying to survive, funny ones . . . not sad ones though. The occasional "life is so horrible" doesn't bother me so much, but the blogs in which someone is always complaining turns me off. Then there are the blogs in which the blog author "pretends" to have it all together . . . those turn me off too . . . I mean REALLY, whose life is so organized that they are perfect? Nope, I am not perfect! But, I bet you already knew that . . . didn't you?

Definitely NOT me!

But you already knew that, didn't you?

Not to say that I wouldn't love to be June Cleaver . . . you know, Beaver's Mom.

If we lived in the same era, I think June and
 I would be tight best friends!

Never once do I recall June Cleaver losing her temper with her naughty inquisitive boys.

June ALWAYS had breakfast, lunch and dinner on the table . . . at the scheduled time.

Never once did I see June's house in chaos . . . even with those naughty inquisitive boys.

Did you ever wonder why she only had TWO boys? Hmmm

June was always involved in some sort of "endeavor" . .  . bridge club, school, friends, etc.

June was a "cool" mom . . . she even allowed everyone, including herself to call Theodore "the Beaver." I mean, what kind of name is that for a kid?

June NEVER, EVER let her laundry pile up until it almost consumed her.

June was ALWAYS together . . . face done, hair done, dressed nice . . .
all the way to the pearls and shoes.

June was always ready for company.

June must have been very strict . . . the boys' room was always spotless. I don't remember them being bribed   told to clean it either.

Those were the days . . . weren't they? A MUCH simpler time.


  • women were urged to get the Mrs. degree at a younger age

  • happy homemakers

  • mom's to large families

  • one income

  • one car

  • a two parent household

  • mom cooked

  • the family sat down at dinner together

  • there was only one tv

  • after dinner everyone sat down to watch tv together

  • kids were safe and could walk to school with their friends

  • moms didn't have to worry about finances

  • children did not sass their parents

  • families didn't lock their doors at night

  • casseroles were a hit

  • the milkman brought your milk and eggs to your house

  • women wore aprons in the kitchen

  • there was a set bed time and the kids followed it

  • dress was appropriate and not revealing

  • children were polite
Boy have things changed!


Kelli said...

My dad thinks I'm conservative and looking at this list maybe he's right. There are quite a few of these things that I think we need to get back to doing. I love scheduled dinner at the table and it was fun to see my friend with an apron on the other night while making dinner for us. Classic.

Mimi said...

June always had a roast in the oven. She was impeccably dressed and ever so patient. Her boys played outside and didn't have to be home until dinner. She had no idea what they were up to! Those were the days...

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