Saturday, March 6, 2010


I was catching up on a little blog reading when I saw that my  sister Jeanette posted about her favorite time of year . . . spring cleaning time. My sister is AWESOME at completing this arduous task. In fact, she is so good at it I truly believe that she should bring some of her sisterly love AND talent over to my place. At my house she could do all of the spring cleaning she can muster up!

Jeanette . . . I know you are reading this. Please finish your spring cleaning quickly so you can come to my house and begin there. You know where I live and in case you have chosen to block it out at this moment,  you have my phone number and are a friend on Facebook . . .
or you could simply leave a comment after this post.

Absolutely no excuses will be accepted

 . . . you must realize, I, your slightly older sister, am SACRIFICING the enjoyment I would gain from doing spring cleaning all by myself.  I could tell from your post that you were super excited about knowing that your home was spring cleaned and smelled like summer. How much more excitement would YOU gain from knowing that not only your house was spring cleaned
and smelled like summer BUT 
your favorite slightly older sister's house was spring cleaned and smelled like summer too!

We could both do a happy dance!

  I know there are times in your home that you feel unappreciated and completely frustrated . . .

 You do remember the cheerios incident - right?!!


Well, none of that at my house . . . at my house there will be plenty of






 DISCLAIMER -  (between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. weekdays ONLY)

I am waiting for your call . . . Hugs and Love,


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Jeanette said...

Dear JuJu,

Although the thought of spring cleaning your home is VERY inviting (I think it is the chocolate part). Your slightly (ahem) younger sister will most likely be on bedrest due to being overworked by her family. I am sure that due to my back I will have to go to an inversion table (doesn't Janee have one of these?!), my ironning elbow will be put in a cast and my allergy nose will have constant dripping causing me to place plugs up my nose. Therefore, I must regretfully decline your invitation. But thought of getting to play with Walter may get me to change my mind....

All my love,

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