Monday, March 1, 2010


Monday morning is almost history and I still have much to do, but I am taking a few minute break.

My house is smelling yummy . . . I baked two dozen muffins. The kids will be so excited! What? What kind? Oh . . . orange cranberry and blue berry - a dozen of each.

This morning Mom dropped off JC her weiner dog. Mom introduced JC to Bugsy our Guinea Pig . . . that is where she has been, ever since. See:

She is a VERY good Guinea Pig sitter!

While JC was babysitting Bugsy I took the opportunity to get a few things going:
  • fluffed up my bedspread in the dryer as the dryer was still running when I went to bed at midnight
  • folded said bedspread - it is now ready to take upstairs
  • started more laundry
  • baked two dozen muffins - as you already know
  • started up the dishwasher
  • washed out the silverware drawer - how do those things get yucky? could it be four little boys?
  • cleaned a few things out of the fridge - BEFORE they grew into science experiments
  • wiped down some of the counter tops - will get back to those after this post
  • check in on Facebook AND blogs
  • worked my farm in Farmville - carrots were ready for harvesting - many of you are probably wondering, What in the World is Farmville? I am going to leave you hanging on that one for another day . . . gotta leave something to post about when I run dry
  • wiped the table and long bench - those boys are some messy dudes
Now for some weekend catch up:
  • booked five tickets to see Beth Moore Live in September ~ I am so excited as I can't wait to see her! Love Beth Moore and her Bible Studies! What a great example for our daughters . . . hey wait ~~~ she is a great example to us ladies too! What a great day to take a small trip to Chicago with my Mom, Daughter and two Sisters! Woo Hoo - did I already mention that I can't wait?
  • I told let Randy take the kids outside to play ~~~ it was 20 degrees with a breeze off of the lake, but they are "men" they handled it well ~ Maybe I should rephrase - the boys handled it well, Randy was frozen when he came in with them
  • I worked on laundry, laundry, laundry ~~~ when a three year old wets through his pull up all over Mommy and Daddy's bed there are a LOT of layers that need to be washed and dried
  • When a child throws up all over his bed . . . there is a lot more laundry
  • When a child hides his dirty laundry instead of taking it to the laundry room . . . there is even more laundry
  • When your daughter . . . o.k. you should have the picture by now of how much laundry I had
  • Had a wonderful time of study with Beth Moore on DVD . . . I heart Beth Moore!
  • Was able to help my Sister out of a small jam ~~~ what are older (and I say that lightly) sisters for?
  • Installed two ledges in my upstairs hallway and put lovely frames on them ~~ waiting for the photos to come from Shutterfly. I was so excited about getting them hung ~~~ until someone shut the master bedroom doors very hard and one of the shelves came crashing down. I tugged, pushed and pulled on that thing to make sure it was seated well on the bracket . . . apparently, it crept up on the bracket and then fell. Randy tried to put it back on the wall and within a matter of minutes saw it begin to raise off the bracket. So, Randy got a few screws, the drill and his patience and permanently affixed the shelves to the wall. Yes, they are still on the brackets, but now have no way of lifting off of it. Yippee! Thank you My Sweet!
  • Took a few minutes to myself up in our sitting room. Thought I would take a few minutes to accomplish a little facial maintenance . . . you know, tweezers ~~ magnification mirror ~~ pain
I need to get back to it, but before I do I want to list the items I want to finish before the kids get home. I find that I have more gumption if I write what I need to get done down . . .
  • tidy family room
  • wipe down main floor bathrooms
  • finish laundry
  • make our bed with freshly washed linens
  • tidy master & master bath
  • tidy piano room
  • tidy library
  • finish wiping kitchen counters
  • put a ham in to bake for dinner
I will let you know how I do - Be Firm Friends, don't let me slack!



Kelli said...

The list of things you do ALWAYS amazes me! I need your energy, motivation and determination...would you mind sending me some? And could you please include the blueberry muffins?

jennifer said...

She is a good guinea pig sitter :)

You will have such a great time seeing Beth Moore! That's exciting!

jennifer said...

She is a good guinea pig sitter :)

You will have such a great time seeing Beth Moore! That's exciting!

Jenny said...

LOL out the dog guinea pig sitting :) I hope you all everything finished and then took a nice long nap.

Jeanette said...

JC looks like she is wondering if that is what she looked like when she was a pup :}

I'm sure you got all your work done cause your kids were at school! Can't wait to go see Beth with you...

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